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Summer of Digital Pioneers: Discover all MHP Festival 2023 content on-demand.


Join us this summer for the Summer of Digital Pioneers, where we focus on the latest trends, insights, and innovative strategies for digital and sustainable transformation. You can access all the exciting content from MHP Festival 2023 through on-demand sessions, interviews, articles, and much more.

Highlight of the event are the five thrilling keynotes that cover a wide range of topics such as artificial intelligence, diversity, and sustainability. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the entire spectrum of digital excellence.


You can now access all the sessions for your business in one place. With over 410 minutes of valuable content, including inspiring lectures, engaging interviews, and enlightening success stories, it's just a click away and completely free of charge. Plus, you can access it anytime you want. 

... Discover the digital path to the future!

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MHP FESTIVAL 2023 | Aftermovie

5+ Topics

Immerse yourself in the diverse thematic worlds of the MHP Festival. Discover the most important trends in manufacturing, mobility, sustainability and more.

20+ Sessions

Our 18 sessions focus on the key drivers of digitalization and sustainability, covering topics ranging from cloud technology to AI to the future of cities. These sessions not only offer valuable insights for the festival's content but also serve as guiding principles for entire industries.

30+ Speakers

Be inspired by renowned keynote speakers, partners and digitization experts from MHP who will share their latest insights with you.

  • Sustainability

Future fit for all of us - A World that Works for Everyone!

When it comes to designing a Better Tomorrow, there are few proponents and visionaries more inspiring than Marc Buckley. For years now, this advocate of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, regenerative futurist and expert advisor to the World Economic Forum has pursued one goal and European Union: motivating and empowering billions of people to Live an Adaptive Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability within the safe operating spaces of our planetary boundaries. For Marc Buckley, this can only be achieved via a holistic, systematic approach. Ecological Economics, Sustainable Development, Systems Thinking, Innovation, digitalization, climate change, agriculture, nutrition, waste – effective future fit models need to take all of these into equal consideration. In his keynote Marc Buckley spans a wide arc between the impact of international institutions and initiatives such as the EU, UN, WEF, and WGS to move towards SEVA as well as visionary concepts such as Leading by Nature and the ecological economy and on to the transformation to the Symbiocene. In other words: Marc Buckley presents paths to a Better Tomorrow that works for everyone. Definitely a highlight!
  • Marc Buckley
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  • Digital Transformation

The Pies of Truth on progress in Germany

It is not often the case that simple pie charts succeed in provoking both laughter and contemplation. However, this is precisely what Katja Berlin achieves in her weekly “Pies of Truth” column (in German: “Torten der Wahrheit”) in acclaimed weekly DIE ZEIT. Since 2015 the best-selling author, podcaster and columnist has been using pointed yet entertaining pie charts to cast a spotlight on the contradictions and realities of our social, economic, and political life. Sure, the “Pies of Truth” are not to everyone’s taste – but they certainly serve to rouse people and stimulate discussion. We are delighted to have Katja Berlin deliver an exclusive keynote at the MHP FESTIVAL casting an eye over developments in Germany in recent years – particularly with regard to aspects such as digitalization, equality and climate protection. Illustrated with the aid of numerous “Pies of Truth,” naturally.
  • Katja Berlin
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  • Customer Experience

Customer experience game changer – the trend check for automotive and manufacturing

These are exciting times: new technologies and business models are changing the way in which companies interact with their customers, as well as how they create ongoing interest and loyalty. But what are the real game changers of the latest customer experience trends? We join with Dr. Teo Pham – a leading expert in artificial intelligence, social media and metaverse – in addressing this question. In his dialogue with us Dr. Teo Pham applies his impressive knowledge of digital trends in a detailed and entertaining examination of the status quo and the potential for companies in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, as well as offering a comparison with interdisciplinary best practice. A highly useful trend check.
  • Dr. Teo Pham,
  • Philip Vospeter
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  • Digital Transformation

Why diversity is a must-have in tech

Data driven technologies determine our daily activities – whether these are social or in the world of business. Big data analytics and artificial intelligence play a key role in this. However, it is important to broaden the approach here and avoid focusing solely on purely technical aspects. Because in addition to debating the impact of AI on jobs, it is also necessary to discuss whether algorithms can contribute to increased fairness or discrimination. And the extent to which diversity is pursued in the tech sector for the development of inclusive technologies. These and other aspects will be addressed by Mina Saidze. The author of the book “FairTech” and founder of the acclaimed “Forbes 30 under 30” lists also utilizes examples from practice to illustrate her points.
  • Mina Saidze
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  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience

ChatGPT & co – the dawn of a new era? Opportunities and limitations of the latest trends in AI

In recent months AI applications such as ChatGPT have unleashed an unprecedented gold rush. Pioneering new AI capabilities are unveiled on an almost weekly basis. These human-like skills are evolving considerably faster than many people anticipated. Companies are also increasingly being confronted with fast-paced change and leaps in development. This talk looks into the unusual dynamics of the market at this time. Here you will receive a compact overview of the latest AI highlights. In addition, you will also be given valuable insights into how we at MHP and our customers can utilize the potential this offers – and where the limitations of AI applications lie. Not to be missed!
  • Dr. Christoph Höllig,
  • Dr. Mike Kohlhoff,
  • Hendrik Juelich
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  • Digital Transformation
  • Sustainability
  • Mobility

The tkMX impact – why steel producers are key drivers for a better tomorrow

Steel is a central material of industry worldwide. It is diverse and durable in use. Steel producers are currently making major efforts to make production more sustainable and less of a burden on resources. ThyssenKrupp Materials is playing a pioneering role in this. In this session we can look forward to a discussion with Jörg Heiles, ThyssenKrupp Materials CEO for Eastern Europe. Together we will talk about how an international steel group can contribute to achieving a better tomorrow and the challenges that arise within this context. In the interview we also focus on the co-operation with MHP, which aims to realize the transition to an efficient and digital company.
  • Jörg Heiles,
  • Markus Wambach
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  • Sustainability

The reality check in our towns and cities

Our towns and cities are undergoing a transition – the most far-reaching of the last fifty years or more. More than ever, urban centres are melting pots and catalysts for megatrends. This is where all of the transformations we are currently experiencing receive most of their impetus. Mobility is changing, the requirements of citizens are shifting, decision making is being reorganised, new players are arriving, competition is increasing. So how will this transition mould the future of our towns and cities? And what effect will it have on the economy? Let’s have a look. In this keynote Gerald Babel-Sutter – founder of the Urban Future conference and one of the most exciting experts on sustainable urban development – delivers a reality check for us!
  • Gerald Babel-Sutter
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  • Mobility

Software-defined vehicles: China as technology leader for user-centric mobility

China is the world’s largest mobility market – and one of the most important regions for international car manufacturers. However, shifts are becoming apparent: foreign companies that have previously enjoyed success are recording clear falls in market share. Their current products no longer meet the requirements of Chinese customers, who want to see electric vehicles with comprehensive in-car infotainment – embedded into a digital ecosystem. Conversely, Chinese OEMs are expanding strongly into other traditional car markets and are leaders in areas such as artificial intelligence and connectivity. This lecture examines the current challenges facing automotive OEMs and presents possible solutions for companies that are active in China, Europe and the US
  • Dr. Nils Schaupensteiner,
  • Dr. Jan Becker,
  • Marcus Willand
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  • Mobility

Systems engineering as enabler for car manufacturers on the path to becoming mobility providers

Automotive manufacturers are facing a tight transformation schedule in the coming years: nearly all OEMs are in the process of shifting from being purely a producer of cars to becoming a system provider for mobility. However, the risk of failing in this task is enormous and the level of ecosystem mobility achieved is soon overtaken by competitors. Today, the new ultimate benchmark is positioning as mobility services provider. This calls for the rethinking of strategies and working methods, deep into the life cycle. Systems engineering is the enabler for this. In this session we illustrate the challenges, solution modules and success factors for accelerating this transformation.
  • Dr. Frank Schouren,
  • Anna-Lena Bührmann
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  • Intelligent Manufacturing

The Industrial Metaverse as basis for the factory of the future

Immersive digital representations of manufacturing plants have long since left the realm of science fiction. Based on the NVIDIA Omniverse, the BMW iFactory provides an insight into what the so-called Industrial Metaverse already offers - and where the journey leads to from here. In this lecture you will learn more about what is currently the most advanced and comprehensive digital twin factory. In interaction with the SORDI.ai AI image dataset that builds upon it, this not only makes a key contribution to closing the reality gap, but also enables a groundbreaking degree of automation in the creation of AI-based industrial applications on a scale previously unseen. The Industrial Metaverse is consequently making a decisive contribution to shortening planning processes, saving resources, and improving the quality of results. Look forward to exciting insights into the digital factory.
  • Ingmar Stapel,
  • Michael Baling
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  • Digital Transformation

Between megatrends and efficiency – why some yawn while others invest

The digital transformation is the driving force of our time – but what does it mean exactly? And what is its impact on business, society, and us at MHP? Whilst companies, and CIOs in particular, navigate their way through a thicket of technological solutions, expenditure management and the shortage of skilled personnel, things are already dialing up another notch. This will see innovation cycles shortened and barriers to market entry torn down. The continuous balancing act between megatrends and new realities, between the pressures of performance and efficiency calls for intelligent commercial and technological decisions. This is where MHP comes in. The session illustrates the challenges and potentials for our MHP service offering and reveals the influence of VUCA and BANI.
  • Maximilian Sander,
  • Rebecca Baumgarten
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  • Digital Transformation

The deal business boom – buy or sell?

At a time in which once secure business models and revenues are dwindling and firms are being forced to cut costs, new opportunities and challenges are arising. Market dynamics have experienced a significant increase in speed. As part of their realignment, we are increasingly seeing companies divesting individual divisions and stakes while simultaneously acquiring new companies and expanding their portfolios. In our presentation, we provide exciting insights into the MHP success stories in which we have accompanied mergers & acquisitions. Together we take a look behind the scenes of the deal business and strive to find out why MHP, as a new player and current hidden champion in the M&A market, offers outstanding impulses and interdisciplinary perspectives for this emerging field.
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Jasniak,
  • Emanuel Domnitsch
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  • Digital Transformation

How shared services and BPO strengthen IT organization and address the latest megatrends and shortage of skilled workers

Individually adapted shared services and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) not only facilitate IT organizations with the rapid scaling of their project delivery and operations processes, they also help them achieve an enduring impact. Because close collaboration with a professional outsourcing partner means that companies are able to concentrate their full attention on their core activities. In this lecture we communicate further details on this subject, in cooperation with Thomas Wölker. Having played a key role in establishing one of our MHP shared services, today he works as CIO of DAW. In the process we also deliver input on how to seamlessly embed corporate culture into shared services and BPO, with mutual growth leading to success. In addition, you will be given an insight into how we at MHP are using suitable services to tackle current challenges such as the shortage of skilled personnel, increasing dynamics and the ever more complex requirements of customers, governance, and compliance. A top issue across all sectors.
  • Andreas Richter,
  • Thomas Wölker
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  • Cloud Transformation
  • Intelligent Manufacturing

How Industrial Cloud Solutions facilitate the development of digital products

Complex challenges make it difficult for companies to make intelligent decisions. And this is in spite of the fact that production and logistics processes are continuously required to become more efficient. Now there is a way out of this: Industrial Cloud Solutions (ICS). As part of our Ressort New Dimensions, for us at MHP, ICS is a key driver in establishing new product business with digital products and solutions. In this lecture you will discover more about how ICS acquire, develop, test and market innovative software solutions – throughout the entire supply chain. With ICS we are already making a significant contribution to the Beyond Mobility initiative that Porsche AG uses to develop new areas of business. Be there!
  • Martin Völkle,
  • Daniel Giangrande
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  • Cloud Transformation
  • Intelligent Manufacturing

AI on the shopfloor – with solutions from MHP

Intelligent and self-learning software solutions support automotive and manufacturing companies in numerous areas of the shopfloor. They recognize errors in production and logistics automatically, ensure transparency, increase cost efficiency and optimize the consumption of materials. MHP is at the front of the pack here. Within our Industrial Cloud Solutions, we have developed multiple AI solutions for typical shopfloor challenges – from quality control in the paint shop and production to optimized fleet management. In this panel discussion you can learn how we support our customers in their daily business with our Sounce, paint_it and Fleet Executer solutions.
  • Moritz Gessner,
  • Michael Strohäcker,
  • Simon Weiß,
  • Johannes Stoermer
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  • Personal Development

Creating a better world ourselves – the importance of being personally innovative in a fast-changing world

The majority of things and innovations that we use and interact with on a daily basis have undergone a similar path of development – from the smartphone to the house in which we live. Everything begins with an idea and a concept, which is subsequently brought to life via diverse experiments and design processes. So far so good. However, what if we were able to access the same methods and tools to design our own lives, careers and social influences that are also used in the development of top products, services, and technologies? We would hold the key to a better tomorrow in our hands. This lecture illustrates why it is so important for us as individuals to be innovative, especially in the fast-changing world of today.
  • Dr. Gabriela Steinhauser
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  • Personal Development

The answer to leadership

Yes, we have it: the ultimate answer on the subject of leadership. Regardless of which team and department. No matter what subject, for whatever organization, culture, and generation. Irrespective of gender – or even country, for that matter. What counts is this: we have the answer. Time for looking forward, including to new approaches and ideas on the subject of leadership – let your mindset grow with us!
  • Carla Gottschalk,
  • Martina Baur
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  • Personal Development

Emotionalizing and visualizing – how metaphors and analogies make words come alive

Metaphors and analogies possess a power that we use all too seldom in our daily activities. Because, much like pictures, these two rhetorical instruments often say more than a thousand words. As a result, in times of ever-increasing flows of information and shortening attention spans they are “worth their weight in gold.” But how can these linguistic images and comparisons help us gain a better understanding of the world? And which metaphors are especially well suited for this, and which analogies should you bite your tongue before using? This is what we will be examining in this lecture. This will the opening up of a new linguistic and visual diversity for both communication and the mindset.
  • Sarah Groh
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    Gerald Babel-Sutter

    Co-founder & CEO, Urban Future

    Michael Baling

    Head of SU Digital Factory, MHP

    Rebecca Baumgarten

    Market Responsible Digital Transformation, MHP

    Martina Baur

    Head of Learning & Development, MHP

    Dr. Jan Becker

    CEO, Apex.AI

    Katja Berlin

    Author, Podcaster, Columnist

    Marc Buckley

    Ecological Economist, Regenerative Futurist, & Regenerative Solarpunk, ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation

    Anna-Lena Bührmann

    Senior Consultant, MHP

    Emanuel Domnitsch

    Consultant, MHP

    Moritz Gessner

    Product Manager paint_it, MHP

    Daniel Giangrande

    Head of ICS Product Management, MHP

    Carla Gottschalk

    Specialist Learning & Development, MHP

    Sarah Groh

    Senior Consultant Governance & Communication, MHP

    Jörg Heiles

    CEO Operating Unit Materials Eastern Europe, thyssenkrupp Materials

    Dr. Christoph Höllig

    Senior Consultant in Data Science & Advanced Analytics, MHP

    Prof. Dr. Michael Jasniak

    Head of M&A Advisory, MHP

    Hendrik Juelich

    Data & AI Lead for Automotive, Microsoft

    Dr. Mike Kohlhoff

    Senior Consultant AI, MHP

    Dr. Teo Pham

    Founder, Delta School

    Andreas Richter

    Head of Business Services, MHP

    Mina Saidze

    Tech Evangelist, Founder & Author "FairTech"

    Maximilian Sander

    Portfolio Owner - Driving Digital Transformation, MHP

    Dr. Nils Schaupensteiner

    Senior Manager Business Model 2.0, Digital Innovation, New Mobility, MHP

    Dr. Frank Schouren

    Associated Partner, MHP

    Ingmar Stapel

    BMW Group

    Dr. Gabriela Steinhauser

    Associated Partner New Dimensions / Digital Services, MHP

    Johannes Stoermer

    Senior Consultant ICS, MHP

    Michael Strohäcker

    Product Manager FleetExecuter, MHP

    Martin Völkle

    Head of ICS Product Engineering, MHP

    Philip Vospeter

    Partner, MHP

    Markus Wambach

    Partner, Member of the Board of Management, Head of Markets, Head of Operations, MHP

    Simon Weiß

    Product Manager Sounce, MHP

    Marcus Willand

    Partner, MHP

    Thomas Wölker

    CIO, DAW Group

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