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Industry 4.0 Barometer 2023

Status quo of digitalization, automation and sustainability in manufacturing

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Challenges are rising, digitalization is slowing down - What strategies can companies benefit from now?

Industry 4.0 is no longer a distant vision of the future but has long been a reality in many companies. What this reality looks like in detail, what understanding of Industry 4.0 prevails and at what level of maturity technologies are used is recorded by the Industry 4.0 Barometer for companies of different sizes and industries.

It therefore provides a benchmark for the state of development and the use of various technologies and initiatives. This means we can identify gaps and potentials in relation to Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 Barometer also shows how companies can close gaps, exploit potential, and extend their lead.

Emerge from the current crises resilient and futureproof

The specific challenges companies face in the current situation with the war in Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting shortage of resources, especially in semiconductors, are reflected in the initiatives of the companies. They are acting more cautiously and focusing on actions with a certain economic success. As in previous crises, the following is true: Only those who invest in digitalization and who transform resolutely and purposefully will emerge strongly from the crisis and be able to assert themselves in the market in the future.

To provide companies with a sound overview, MHP has created the fifth Industry 4.0 Barometer together with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (LMU). The results of this benchmark study offer important insights into the status quo of Industry 4.0 activities at companies in the DACH region, the United Kingdom, the USA, and China.

The underlying questionnaire is based on four thematic clusters each year:

  • Technology
  • IT integration
  • Strategy and objectives
  • Drivers and barriers

In addition, current digitalization topics are included in the study every year. In the Industry 4.0 Barometer 2023, the following focus topics were examined in more detail:

  • Shopfloor automation & Sustainable operations

Success Stories in Focus

In addition to the survey results, each Industry 4.0 Barometer includes interviews with industry experts and success stories on the use of Industry 4.0 solutions in practice. 

  • "It was perfectly clear to us that we needed to continue to invest in digitalization to remain competitive." 
    Michael Straughan (Aston Martin)
  • "Sanofi has positioned Digitization as a core enabler of its performance and transformation roadmap, integral to both ambition and success." 
    José Gascon (Sanofi)
  • "Digitization has enabled us to shorten cycle times and eliminate bottlenecks on our production lines." 
    Dr. Frank Scheppe (Läpple Automotive)

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