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Your smart co-pilot for devel­oping optimal material provision

Take your digital material flow planning in intralogistics to the next level and combine planning, analysis and optimization of your processes in one tool.

Easy to use, great value: Optimize your material flow with supply_it

supply_it makes planning and implementing even the most demanding logistics processes a piece of cake.

Our software solution covers the entire chain from incoming goods to production line.

Cost reduction of 10%

supply_it calculates the intralogistics costs for every component, process and product. This tool not only takes into account the countless possible combinations, but also determines the most cost-effective option.

Optimizations in under 5 minutes

Make changes to your intralogistics planning in seconds and get results with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can do optimization runs in only a few minutes.

ROI within 12 months.

Accelerate data-driven decisions with automated intralogistics processes. supply_it helps you to focus and improve your planning quality.

Core features

Structured transparency to drive data-driven decisions

With supply_it, you can visualize the results of your logistics planning and compare these based on the collected data.

To facilitate further decision-making, the tool presents the results in a structured and transparent overview.

Increased planning frequency with scenario management

supply_it lets you set up, adapt and compare different planning scenarios in seconds. ​

These scenarios will increase your planning speed enormously.

A unified source of information using a digital twin

supply_it creates a digital twin of your intralogistics that adapts the real environment of your company.

The implementation of these standards significantly increases efficiency.

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supply_it explained


  • The co-pilot makes work easier

    Benefit from the intelligent and intuitive features of our powerful tool: Our smart co-pilot calculates the possible starting and process options for each component, taking into account costs and restrictions. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your existing tool ecosystem.

  • Increased planning speed

    supply_it allows you to respond to change more quickly and efficiently, and adapt your processes faster. Optimizations that used to take weeks can be done in less than five minutes using this software.

  • Better planning quality

    With advanced mathematical algorithms and an easy-to-use interface, supply_it lets you create more accurate and realistic logistics process models. This helps you optimize your resource utilization and reduce the risk of misplanning.

  • Reduced logistics costs

    With supply_it you have a detailed insight into the various cost factors of your intralogistics. This allows you to identify areas where you can save costs, which will help you reduce your inventory costs and optimize your transport routes, resources and staffing levels.

  • Optimal use of existing storage areas

    By analyzing and simulating different layouts and configurations, you can make your storage and production space more efficient. This not only improves space utilization, but also increases productivity.


1. What companies is supply_it best suited for?

supply_it is particularly suitable for production companies with complex manufacturing and logistics processes, especially the automotive, aviation, agricultural machinery and manufacturing industries.

2. How is supply_it different from conventional logistics planning tools?

supply_it is characterized by speed, transparency and efficiency. It provides deep insight into costs, enables rapid planning changes and improves quality with more accurate models.

3. How quickly can you create and optimize planning scenarios with supply_it?

Changes in intralogistics planning can be made with just a few clicks. Compared to manual planning, which often takes days, supply_it can carry out optimization runs in minutes.

4. What cost savings and efficiency gains are realistically feasible when using supply_it?

More efficient planning can achieve significant savings of up to 10 percent in in-house logistics costs.

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