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Daily Life & Teaming

One for all and all for one. That’s the MHP Spirit.

We’re much more than a leading management and IT consulting company: MHP is also a place where you can change the world with us – our customers’ worlds at least.

There is no need for formality here. The MHP Spirit is about working together in a relaxed way with no red tape and treating each other as equals without the need for hierarchy across any part of the business. We are a team and we behave like a team. Another benefit of working at MHP is the opportunity to experience the dynamism and flexibility of a growing company. Our employees take on responsibility right from the start and receive support tailored to their needs. You can actively help to shape our corporate culture and make it the perfect breeding ground for new ideas and entrepreneurial thinking.

Everything we do is based on our commitment to excellence – both internally and externally. For us, excellence means focusing 100 per cent on the needs of our customers and employees and basing everything we do on eight strong corporate values.

Embodying Values in Our Work – Code of Conduct

It is our values that shape MHP. But how do they really affect our daily life given that some of our work happens on-site and some remotely? Our Code of Conduct provides our employees with answers and suggestions. As you would expect, it is continuously updated to reflect our ever-changing world.

Diversity & Equal Opportunities

Diversity is one of the defining features of life at MHP. Our purpose “Enabling you to shape a better tomorrow” is all about diversity – our employees’ diverse experiences, diverse opportunities and perspectives, the diverse customers and partners that we support. Diversity makes us successful. 

Our approach is to develop together by supporting and encouraging each other from all perspectives and at all levels. Here at MHP, you can forge a unique career path, one that fits your current and future skill set and situation.

Celebrate diversity: We support and inspire each other. Together. Every day. As equals.

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People & Stories

Our team represents over 3,000 individual skill sets, personal journeys and career paths. This diversity is what makes MHP unique. Get to know some of our employees and their stories.

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kununu & Glassdoor

Every opinion is important to us, whether it’s held by employees or applicants – and we take feedback to heart. Get an authentic insight into what it’s like to work for us locally and around the world. 

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Live & in Color

The best way to get to know us is in person. Come and see us at our events and trade fairs or speak to someone you know at MHP to understand who we are for yourself.

Our (online) events

Offices & Homebases

Connect with the MHP world. We work out of more than 16 offices. Every door is open to you, whether you’re based in Germany, the USA, the UK, China or Romania.

All locations, all addresses

Better Normal & Flexibility

Our “new normal” is a hybrid: a combination of on-site and remote working. Wherever you are most productive.

For us, the “new normal” means two things in particular: more flexibility and more people. If you wonder why some people enjoy their work and others see it as a burden, there are three things worth considering: motivation, values and culture. We believe that authentically embodying our core values and focusing on people above all else is the only way to build a successful and future-proof working environment – and in doing so create an atmosphere that fosters not only a new normal, but also a better one.

Onboarding & Team-up

Every new starter receives a warm welcome to MHP via our unique program: our virtual MHPStarterDays. We want your first week with us to be the perfect onboarding experience. Whether you’re starting at a junior or senior level in a consulting, sales or corporate role.

During your first few days at MHP, we will answer all your questions but we also think it’s incredibly important that we introduce you to our culture and values, our organization, processes and all the other things that make MHP unique as soon as possible. The initial training sessions and get-togethers are your first opportunity to build your professional network with other new starters and experienced MHP employees.

Your team and your line manager will take over from there, ensuring that you have everything you need to start your career at MHP.

Feel at Home Right from the Start Thanks to the MHPMentor Program

We want choosing a career at MHP to feel like the right choice from day one. We pair up all new starters with an established employee for the first six months to give you an insight into how we operate professionally, socially and culturally. Your MHPMentor is on hand to help with your questions and to introduce you to other colleagues, whether you join us as a junior or a senior.

MHP Events & Impressions

Our MHPFestival. We love to celebrate as a Team. Be part of it.