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The Autonomous Gap

The new mobility study by MHP, Fraunhofer IAO and Motor Presse Stuttgart

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More than 70 per cent of people worldwide can imagine giving up their own cars in favor of autonomous vehicle concepts such as people movers (electric minibuses without drivers).

This is one of the key findings of the WeTalkData study “The Autonomous Gap: Environmentally, Economically, and Socially Sustainable? The Aspirations and Reality of Autonomous Mobility Concepts in Europe, China, and the USA,” which management and IT consultancy MHP has published together with its research partners the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart and Motor Presse Stuttgart.

Other core findings of our cross-industry Expert Panel include:

  • In the near future: The first autonomous driving systems in the transport and logistics sectors are expected to be introduced in the USA
  • Germany is trailing behind: Only one in three Germans would travel to work in an autonomous vehicle
  • Private autonomous cars: These vehicles are only future proof in China
  • Overall: There is a large gap between expectations of shared autonomous mobility solutions and reality
  • Gap: The public have little trust in tech giants such as Cruise, Waymo, etc.
  • Major opportunities: Public transport companies and local authorities could become providers of shared mobility solutions

For the study, a representative selection of 5,000 adults in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, China, and the USA were asked about their expectations of shared autonomous mobility concepts or AD (Autonomous Driving) mobility. With 15 international experts, the authors of the study have mirrored the assessments and evaluations made by potential users with regard to feasibility, viability, and technical implementation and have identified seven gaps.

Ecologically, economically and socially sustainable?

Download our current study free of charge and learn more about the role of autonomous mobility for sustainable passenger and freight transport.

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