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We’re Looking for a Long-Term Addition to the MHP Team.

Are you interested in designing the future? We’d love to have you on board. Students can start a career with us even while still studying. It’s your choice where you would like to begin, whether that’s in consulting, a corporate role or sales. Whatever you prefer. 

There’s no long warm-up here at MHP. You become part of the team right away with responsibility for your own work and even the opportunity to work on live customer projects. We help you to identify your interests and strengths and set the right course for your career in consulting. It’s a mutual commitment every step of the way.  

We are always looking for young talent with the right profile and passion. Newcomers who want to blaze new trails and produce solutions for the future. Prospective professionals with completely different backgrounds, from computer science and business administration to engineering and physics. Explore and enhance your talents with our help!

  • Entry Opportunities & Range of Roles

    Learn about your development opportunities at MHP. Simply swipe to the left to get started.
  • 01 Intern

    What do MHP interns have in common? They are all studying or on a gap year between their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, have a passion for digital innovation and are 100% willing to take on responsibility. Not just anywhere, but at a growing organization.
  • 02 Working Student

    Take a deep dive instead of just dipping your toes in! Working students at MHP learn about the company and our projects in detail and long-term. If you can offer at least ten hours per week, already have some practical experience and are happy to be flexible, your chances of fitting in at MHP are looking pretty good.
  • 03 Thesis Student

    Do you feel drawn to consulting like a moth to the flame? How about writing your thesis with us and sharing your innovative ideas? This is a great way to exchange ideas and comes with the prospect of a sure start at MHP.
  • 04 Junior Entry

    Ready for the logical next step? Thanks to all the practical insight you gained from working with us as a student, you are a top candidate for joining us at Junior Level once you’ve finished your degree. Professional skills and flexibility aren’t everything though. Your commitment to our values is just as important.

Consulting & Dual Studies

Looking for more than just hours in the lecture hall and library? Why not use the theory from your university course via a dual study program? MHP would love to be your sparring partner. We will involve you in a variety of project assignments that you can tackle in your own way with support from our team members.

Study IT theory and get practical experience in consulting: MHP partners with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart (DHBW) and Reutlingen University so we can offer you the best of both worlds. Find all the details about our courses here: 

Business Information Systems at DHBW Stuttgart

Business Information Systems – IMBIT at DHBW Stuttgart

Business Information Systems – Sales & Consulting at DHBW Stuttgart

Digital Engineering and Management at Reutlingen University

Learning & Development

Practical learning and the right network – the first steps toward success.

Want to combine theory and practice? Nothing could be simpler. You can rapidly enhance your knowledge and skill set with MHP as your sparring partner. We don’t just talk about digitalization; we make it happen every single day. We provide specific tasks to give you first-hand experience with digitalization content, strategies and technologies. 

Structured training modules and outdated learning materials have no place in our learning experience. In addition to digital MHP online training courses, you will have access to the latest knowledge via LinkedIn Learning and your own Blinkist account. We help you settle into our teams and give you space to make your own decisions, but we’re always here to help as your team and manager.

Benefits & Life Balance

  • Flexibility

    … is essential for us and beneficial for you: We trust you to work the hours that suit your role and workload, whether you do that from home, in the office or when visiting customers. Coordinate with your team so that they know where to find you.

  • Training on the job

    We are all about creating added value on both sides: Here at MHP, you have the opportunity to take on a variety of operational and strategic tasks. We believe in learning by doing.

  • Internationality

    We are becoming more global. How about you? With us, you benefit from international project assignments and 13 locations worldwide. Grow global.

  • Duty of Care

    Every MHP office has been designed to include flexible workspaces, café bars and healthy snacks for the best balance between work and well-being. Enjoy your work.

  • Fast Lane

    Looking for a sparring partner? We support you from the start of your internship through to submitting your thesis and, if everything goes according to plan, even beyond that. Team up with us.

  • Virtual Teaming

    We are a team - even remotely. Various formats help us to do this: from Walk & Talk to chat roulette and online gaming. Team up.

  • Sport & Health

    We promote your health in many ways: with campaign days, our own sports teams and ergonomic furniture in the MHP office. Stay healthy.

  • MHP Spirit

    MHP Spirit is about treating each other as equals and working together in a relaxed way: All MHP employees get to experience and influence the dynamism and flexibility of a growing company. Just feel it.

  • Deals & Goodies

    You benefit from favourable conditions under Corporate Benefits and in the Porsche Design Shop as well as from selected tickets for our sports teams such as the MHP Riesen, 1. FC Heidenheim & Stuttgarter Kickers. Save money. Ka-ching!

  • MHPOnTrack

    Even if we decide to go our separate ways, our student community provides you with news, jobs and insights about MHP. Stay tuned.

  • Diversity

    We work together to create an environment that promotes diverse thought and equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, culture or background. Be you, be different.

  • Equipment

    Our business simply would not work without all the equipment we’ve come to rely on. Depending on the requirements of each project and role, all MHP employees receive an iPhone, different laptops. Stay connected.

  • Hybrid Work

    Hybrid working has long been standard practice for us. The same goes for our MHPStudents: In consultation with your supervisor, you will work from home or from the office. Depending on the day and the project circumstances. Get ready for remote work!

Check-In & Integration

New to MHP? Let’s get going. You can check in with other new starters on your first day during our virtual StarterDays. Look forward to your first insight into life at MHP and your first contact with your new colleagues. Tomorrow you will hit the ground running with your new team.

Daily Life & Teaming

Would you like a sneak preview of MHP? About life at MHP, your future team and the MHP culture?

Discover it here