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Zero Impact Products

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Zero Impact Products are the future. Therefore, companies must start today to develop products without negative environmental impacts.

Today's products on the market and the corresponding use of resources are key drivers of climate change. Therefore, the goal of global net zero emissions requires not only a transition of the energy system but also a transition of the material system. This is enabled by products with no negative environmental impact: Zero Impact Products.

At the same time, customers and shareholders are attaching more and more importance to sustainability: As a result, sustainability is becoming a decisive purchasing and investment factor. The rise in inflation and the resulting increase in material prices, as well as lower material availability, are additional operational risks that companies are facing.

Learn more about how companies can benefit from zero impact products in these times in our White Paper.

Here's what to expect in our MHP White Paper:

  • Gain detailed insights into the four major areas of the product lifecycle and learn how they contribute to the realization and establishment of Zero Impact Products
  • Based on Lifecycle Assessment, you will experience how to determine the environmental impact of products and how to reduce the negative effects at each point of the product lifecycle
  • By highlighting the potential of Zero Impact Products, you will learn the benefits of a holistic decarbonization strategy for your business
  • Learn why data and IIoT are fundamental for developing zero-impact products and implementing decarbonization efforts

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