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Optimized quality control in the paint shop

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Greater Quality Control Burden Due to Increasing Quality Requirements

With a view to reducing resource consumption, energy usage, and their carbon footprint, automotive manufacturers worldwide are working to optimize their painting processes. Increasingly sophisticated layers of paint are more susceptible to quality defects, which leads to a greater burden in terms of quality control and data collection. 

Effectively addressing this challenge requires automation of the measurement process, but this leads to a significant increase in data volumes and makes manual data processing impractical. Recording the various quality parameters in different data calculation and analysis tools can make the process of consolidating, documenting, and interpreting data very inefficient. 

paint_it: The All-In-One Solution for Painting

This cloud-based monitoring system provides a solution for evaluating the information used to assess the different quality criteria for a layer of paint during production. This involves looking at the coating thickness of the paint, the shade, and the texture. The data relating to these three parameters can be loaded into the application, regardless of the manufacturer of the measuring devices. 

The paint_it solution evaluates the collected data and compares it with general and company-specific tolerances and references. The key comparison values are stored in the cloud along with the data collected by the system. 

Detect Quality Issues in the Shortest Possible Time Thanks to Intelligent Data Evaluation

Not only does the intelligent analysis offered by paint_it enable quality defects in the paintwork to be detected very quickly, to a certain extent such issues can also be predicted. 

The system detects trends and uses this capability to predict where individual quality criteria are increasingly going to deviate from the permitted tolerance values. This allows you to implement countermeasures in the upstream processes in good time to reduce the number of quality defects. In turn, this increases production throughput while reducing costs and minimizing waste.

The advantages of paint_it:

All-in-one solution

paint_it evaluates all relevant quality parameters - coating thickness, color tone and surface quality of the paint - in a single application. This eliminates the need to switch between different software solutions to monitor the individual parameters. This makes the quality control process more efficient and economical.


paint_it is hardware independent and can work with any hardware and sensor system. As a result, paint_it offers a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows. Thanks to this feature, paint stores can save the cost of proprietary hardware and ensure that the system can work with any equipment. Users therefore enjoy full control and maximum flexibility.


paint_it is a cloud-based SaaS solution that stores all captured data in the cloud. This allows easy access to the data, even for remote teams or users. Cloud storage also provides an additional layer of security, as the data is backed up regularly and can be easily restored in the event of a system failure or data loss.


Another functionality of paint_it is the possibility to connect to automated measuring cells. The switch from manual to automated measurement is of great importance for quality assurance. By having industrial robots take over the task of quality control in the paint shop, the process becomes more efficient, accurate and cost-effective.  This function also makes it possible to adapt to future advances in automation technology, ensuring that paint lines are set up to be innovative and future-proof.

Use Cases

A German car manufacturer is already using paint_it to ensure that the quality of their body painting meets the required standards. By monitoring coat thickness, shade, and texture, the system can detect any defects in the paint and warn users with sufficient time to implement countermeasures. 

In addition, the system’s ability to analyze trends can help to identify potential deficiencies before they occur, allowing the manufacturer to proactively take corrective action. 

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