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Get to know the MHP management.


  • Dr. Ralf Hofmann

    Co-Founder, Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Management of MHP
  • Marc Zimmermann


Board of Management

  • Dr. Andreas Hirning

    Head of Consulting
  • Dr. Oliver Oswald

    Head of International & Global Sourcing
  • Christiane Sagkob

    Head of Business Excellence
  • Christian Stapel

    Head of New Dimensions
    Head of Cluster Data & Technology
    Head of Sector Automotive OEM
  • Markus Wambach

    Head of Markets
    Head of Operations


  • Maria Appel

    Head of Sector VW Group
  • Michael Appel

    Head of Cluster Industrial Cloud Solutions
  • Stephan Baier

    Head of Service Unit Digital Experience Factory
  • Georg Botos

    Head of Sector Automotive OEM
  • Peter Caracciolo

    Sector Automotive OEM
  • Stefan Dierks

    Head of Cluster Strategic Investments & Labs
  • Susanne Drexl-Wittbecker

    Head of Service Unit Engineering Performance & Innovation Management
  • Stefano Esposito

    Head of Cluster People & Organization
  • Thomas Gläsner

    Head of Service Unit Organization & Strategy
  • Dr. Thilo Greshake

    Head of Service Unit Sustainability & Mobility Transformation
  • Matthias Grüner

    Head of Service Unit Business Intelligence
  • Timo Haug

    Head of Cluster Operations Excellence
  • Markus Hänssler

    Head of Service Unit Finance, Performance & Strategy
  • Dr. Walter Heibey

    Operations Excellence
  • Henning Hiebsch

    Digital Supply Chain Solutions
  • Tobias Hoffmeister

    President & CEO MHP Americas Inc.
  • Artur Hofmann

    Managed Excellence
  • Bernd-Otto Hörmann

    CEO MHP Consulting Romania SRL
  • Tom Huber

    Sector VW Group
  • Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck

    Head of Service Unit Big Data & IoT Technologies
  • Björn Kasten

    Head of Cluster Digital Platforms & Solutions
  • Benjamin Kurz

    Head of Project Unit
  • Florian Langer

    Head of Cluster Customer Experience
  • Richard Lorenz

    Head of Sector SAP
  • Dirk Manhart

    Head of Sector National Regions
    Head of Sector Markets Strategy & Services
  • Dr. Robert Marek

    Sector VW Group
  • Christiane Margies

    Head of People
  • Thomas Mooser

    CEO MHP (Shanghai) Management Consultancy Co., Ltd.
  • Simon Pilhar

    Head of Service Unit Digital Engineering Solutions
  • Axel Potel

    Head of Sector National Region North
  • Mirko Rajs

    Head of Sector Porsche Group
  • Andreas Richter

    Managed Excellence
  • Henning Schulze

    Head of Cluster CFO Services
    Head of Sector Automotive Supplier
  • Marco Sobola

    Head of Service Unit HR Solutions
  • Florian Strauß

    Head of Sector Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics
  • Peter Sülzle

    Head of Service Unit CX Digital Solutions
  • Marion Toennishoff

    Head of Controlling
  • Dr. Sylvia Trage

    Operations Excellence
  • Philip Vospeter

    Customer Experience
  • Frank Völlmecke

    Head of Sector Automotive Supplier
  • Stefan Weiß

    Head of Sector National Region Southwest
  • Dr. Jan Wehinger

    Head of Cluster Customer Product & Services
    Head of Sector VW Group
  • Marcus Willand

  • Guy Williamson

    CEO MHP UK Consulting Ltd.
  • Ingo Windshügel

    Head of Service Unit Digital Supply Chain Solutions
  • Dr. Thomas Ziemen

    Head of Cluster Managed Excellence