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Compliance at a Glance

We do not tolerate rule violations

MHP and Porsche reject all forms of corruption, cartelization, money laundering, or any other white-collar crime and do not tolerate any unlawful behavior by managers, employees, customers, business partners or public officials.

Compliance with applicable laws is ensured by a business model-oriented compliance organization, legally compliant processes, as well as prevention and reaction measures.

Compliance Management System

The Compliance Management System from Porsche and MHP is based on the IDW Assurance Standard 980. It comprises all principles, measures, processes and structures, which help ensure compliance within the group and thus proactively prevent or at least significantly hinder violations of the law and/or infringements of directives in topics related to compliance.

On the basis of a group-wide systematic compliance risk analysis - taking into account the specific business models and environments in which the Group operates – we continuously define needs for further compliance action and prevention measures.

The Compliance Program consists of various preventive and reactive measures.

In this context, essential preventive measures include the adoption of compliance directives, the offering of confidential compliance advice, and regular training and information for employees on relevant compliance topics.

There are respective Compliance Directives for all compliance topics, including dealing with conflicts of interests, combating corruption and avoiding antitrust violations.

The Compliance Helpdesk is available to all employees for advice and information on questions relating to compliance.

Senior management and employees receive regular target-group related trainings regarding integrity and compliance to ensure adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

One key reaction measure is the establishment of internal and external reporting channels to which tips of potential violations relating to Porsche Group can be reported.

Employees are also obliged to report reasonable suspicions of a violation by employees of the Porsche Group.

Customers or business partners of MHP and Porsche or other third parties can also report any reasonable suspicions of a violation by employees of the Porsche Group to the various internal and external reporting channels of the Whistleblower System (e.g. Compliance Helpdesk, Internal Whistleblower Office or External Ombudspersons).

In either case, any information provided is thoroughly investigated and appropriate action and enforcement will be taken in response to any violations which are found to have taken place. Any such action must comply with applicable data protection, employment and co-determination laws. This also includes the initiation of appropriate countermeasures and the sanctioning of individual misconduct.

Our Code of Conduct

The group-wide Code of Conduct summarizes the most important principles and expectations on business integrity and ethical and sustainable conduct for the Porsche Group and provides the legal and group-internal ground rules to which all employees have to abide by in daily operations. This includes, among others, dealing with conflicts of interest, combating corruption in any form, appropriate conduct within the Group, as well as with customers, business partners and officers, as well as taking responsibility for the economy, the environment and society.


What we expect from our business partners

MHP and Porsche expect compliance with applicable laws, ethical values and sustainable action not only from its own employees, but also from the contracted business partners.

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners applies as the basis for this purpose.

Regarding complaints in the area of “Human Rights & Environment” please see our Complaint Procedure.