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Professionals – Consulting

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Our unique approach to consulting: We combine extensive IT and technology expertise with in-depth management know-how.

Here at MHP, we work with international corporations, pioneering SMEs and disruptive start-ups to shape the future of the mobility and manufacturing sector today. As part of our team, you will develop innovative concepts and solutions, connect entire ecosystems and design business and production processes to be more flexible and efficient. Both end to end and at every point throughout the value chain.

Are you interested in influencing the mobility and manufacturing sector in its most exciting transformation phase to date? We are looking for people with the right profile and passion – visionaries and go-getters, change seekers, data scientists, software engineers and business experts. In short, people who want to blaze new trails and produce solutions for the future.

Digitalization designers at MHP are responsible for a wide range of challenging tasks in management consulting, system integration, managed services, and digital services and solutions.

  • Consulting Levels & Milestones

    Learn about your development opportunities at MHP. Simply swipe to the left to get started.
  • 01 Junior Consultant

    You’ve finished your studies with excellent IT skills and can’t wait to get involved in some pioneering projects? Our Junior Consultant level is a great opportunity to your next step. Your technical skills are important, but you will also impress us with your desire to continuous learning and your flexibility in the face of change.
  • 02 Consultant

    As a consultant, you already have plenty of relevant and reliable experience, and your first few projects with the team have been a success. You’ve also had a chance to build a professional network that will support you in the years ahead. Now it’s time to deepen your professional expertise.
  • 03 Senior Consultant

    Coordinating projects, coaching new and junior team members and interacting with customers are all part of your daily routine as a Senior Consultant. Your expertise and soft skills are essential for progress on your projects and are the foundation for your next potential career step.
  • 04 Manager

    Becoming a manager means more responsibility and some unique development opportunities: We work with you to choose the right roles* based on your interests and opportunities.
  • 05 Senior Manager

    You are well-established in your role as a Senior Manager. Your experience stabilizes every project and you demonstrate sustainable success on the client side. An important common basis is the mutual commitment. Together we define clear goals for our common path.
  • 06 Associated Partner

    You have consistently proven yourself and developed within your role. As an Associated Partner, you are now one of the main contacts in your specialist field and you bear customer and economic responsibility.
  • 07 Partner

    You may be at the top of the ladder, but this does not mean that it’s the end of your opportunities for development. MHP Partners are involved in shaping our organization at the highest level, tackling numerous other challenges with solutions that set new benchmarks from a personal perspective and for MHP as a whole.

Learning & Development

Digital, personal and self-organized learning – this is our integrated approach to career development.

Digitalization is changing our daily routines as well as entire business sectors. It creates opportunities and entails risks; it is a chance for countless disruptions and innovations. Having the right expertise to stay up to date becomes even more important.  

You think so too? We knew you would agree. All our team members have opportunities to continue their professional and personal development. We help you to stay on top of all the latest innovations and keep your skills up to date. 

In addition to specialist and technical input, we offer soft skills training as well as the chance to attend expert events and technical conferences. You will also have access to flexible, digital learning platforms that allow you to learn alongside your day-to-day responsibilities as a consultant. 

Our interdisciplinary events are another great way to continue expanding your horizons, giving you an insight into the projects happening across multiple fields. 

We learn from each other, we give and receive feedback, and we develop together – these are key components of our learning organization. Reach your full potential within a strong team.

Your career development is one thing above all: individual.

At MHP, you experience learning holistically and dynamically. Aligned with the challenges of the future, our current set-up, industry-specific trends – and, of course, your individual strengths and interests.

Always in focus: your individual learning journey. From manager level upwards, we therefore set joint priorities – on project, people or service management, on an expert or architect role, on business or portfolio development.

Individual, flexible and always with your goals in mind.

Benefits & Life Balance

  • Family Life

    We are team players – on the job and at home. That is why we support our parents with childcare allowances, flexible work hours as well as parental and caregiver leave.

  • Mobility

    With us, you are always mobile - at work and in your private life. With BahnCard or car, team ridesharing or public carsharing offered. As you like.

  • Work from Anywhere

    Time for a change of scenery? We offer you the opportunity to relocate your workplace EU-wide for 20 days a year. Whether it's on the beach in Italy or in a holiday home on the Baltic Sea. Choose your destination.

  • Internationality

    We are becoming more global. How about you? With us, you benefit from international project assignments and 13 locations worldwide. Grow global.

  • Duty of Care

    Every MHP office has been designed to include flexible workspaces, café bars and healthy snacks for the best balance between work and well-being. Enjoy your work.

  • Sport & Health

    We promote your health in many ways: with campaign days, our own sports teams and ergonomic furniture in the MHP office. Stay healthy.

  • Team Events

    We regularly organize team events such as the MHP Festival and office events like After Work and MHPBreakfast. For networking and exchanging ideas, celebrating and promoting. Save the date.

  • MHP Spirit

    MHP Spirit is about treating each other as equals and working together in a relaxed way: All MHP employees get to experience and influence the dynamism and flexibility of a growing company. Just feel it.

  • Flexibility

    … is essential for us and beneficial for you: We trust you to work the hours that suit your role and workload, whether you do that from home, in the office or when visiting customers. Coordinate with your team so that they know where to find you.

  • Insurance

    Foresight is better than hindsight – take the opportunity to take out a company pension plan with Allianz via MHP, or take your existing contract with you. Be safe.

  • Deals & Goodies

    You benefit from favourable conditions under Corporate Benefits and in the Porsche Design Shop as well as from selected tickets for our sports teams such as the MHP Riesen, 1. FC Heidenheim & Stuttgarter Kickers. Save money. Ka-ching!

  • Diversity

    We work together to create an environment that promotes diverse thought and equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, culture or background. Be you, be different.

  • Equipment

    Our business simply would not work without all the equipment we’ve come to rely on. Depending on the requirements of each project and role, all MHP employees receive an iPhone, different laptops. Stay connected.

  • Hybrid Work

    Hybrid Work is our daily life. In order for you to be excellently equipped at home, we will support you financially when you start at MHP. Get ready for remote work!

  • JobRad

    Stay fit and protect the environment: Get on your bike with us – for business or leisure. Simply choose your dream bike, lease it from MHP, and go!

  • Sabbatical

    We support the choices you make about your work-life balance, even if this means you decide to take a long period away from work. Go and find yourself.

Daily Life & Teaming

We do everything we can to help you settle into life at MHP. Our MHPMentor program is designed to help you from a professional perspective but also to ensure that you feel comfortable in your new role.

Find out more about life at MHP