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The Future Unleashed: Redefining Manufacturing

Efficient. Flexible. Sustainable.

Meet MHP at Hannover Messe 2024

Experience at the Hannover Fair how we help our customers to digitize their value creation and revolutionize their production processes.

Discover the production of the future

Redefining production together

Increasing cost pressure, shrinking human resources and growing competition from the Far East - the challenges could not be more diverse. Companies must therefore develop innovative strategies to ensure their competitiveness. 

The technological revolution and sustainable transformation are opening up new opportunities to not only stand up to competition, but to actively shape it. Let's redefine the way companies manufacture - to unleash the opportunities of the future today. Visit us at the Hannover Messe - from April 22 to 26, 2024 - on the stand of our strategic partner AWS! 

Experience innovative showcases

Optimizing quality assurance with artificial intelligence

Discover GenAI up close: With the help of bolt_it, a component of our new Industrial Cloud Solutions division, you can use artificial intelligence to fully unlock the potential of your process data and raise product quality and production efficiency to a new level.

Support planning and operation with Industrial Metaverse

Immerse yourself in the Industrial Metaverse with the help of MHP's Asset Administration Shell. Our Industrial Metaverse, based on Nvidia Omniverse technology, transforms your manufacturing data into a digital twin by supporting planning and operations through the seamless integration of 3D design and CAD technologies.

Our experts live

From brush to pixel - best practices for sustainable paintshops

Monday, April 22, 10:55 pm - 11:15 pm | Energy 4.0 Conference Stage

The transformation from traditional painting processes to digital solutions provides tremendous opportunities for the sustainability of paintshops. This presentation will on the one hand describe the status quo in quality assurance. On the other hand, proven ways are presented that allow companies to make their painting processes more efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable. From the reduction of energy consumption to the implementation of innovative technologies, practical approaches will be discussed that offer not only ecological but also economic benefits.

Speaker: Moritz Gessner (MHP)

365 x Day One - Discover the Impact of Our SaaS Products at Porsche, Philipps, and Faurecia

Monday, April 22, 12 pm - 12:30 pm | AWS Theatre

Together with two leading automotive manufacturers, Volkswagen and Porsche, we have developed a range of AWS-cloud-based products that make industrial production processes more efficient, data-driven and sustainable. Added value proven and field-tested for industry. 

These are now in use at a large number of companies, from SMEs to major global corporations.
What successes, lessons learned and failures did the ICS achieve last year? You will learn exciting insights in our joint presentation to selected customers.

Speaker: Daniel Halbig (MHP), Martin Völkle (MHP)

AI-driven process optimization: Porsche's journey to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Tuesday, April 23, 5 pm - 5:30 pm | AWS Theatre

Porsche has shown how the use of advanced AI software can increase the quality and efficiency of bolting processes in production. This AI enables real-time detection of anomalies and ensures continuous monitoring of processes. This minimizes quality defects and significantly reduces the risk of product recalls. The use of AI for process optimization and data analysis ensures technical and operational excellence and thus contributes to Porsche's leading position in the automotive industry.

Speaker: Dr. Jochen Mall (MHP)

Scaling Industrial Computer Vision – a MHP X Volkswagen Success Story

Donnerstag, April 25, 12:30 pm – 1 pm | AWS Theatre

Learn more about the motivations and obstacles related to scaling Industrial Computer Vision (ICV) solutions with MHP and Volkswagen. Volkswagen's ICV strategy will be examined, alongside the road towards achieving scalability. We'll discuss the importance of consistent cloud-based solutions across Volkswagen's plants and strategies for implementation. Insights from MHP on scaling ICV within Volkswagen will be shared, offering a concise overview of implementation and expansion efforts.

Speaker: Dr. Deepa Kasinathan (MHP), Jakob Engelmann (VW)

The path to 1.5°C - Enabling a successful and sustainable digital transformation

Friday, April 26, 10:30 am - 11 am | Industrial Transformation Stage

Achieving 1.5°C with confidence and profitability - it works! With a holistic (CSRD-compliant) 1.5°C strategy and CO2 control in the established process and system landscapes, we not only achieve the necessary decarbonization, but also enable green growth for companies. Even in times of crisis. Driving digital and sustainable transformation: The aim is to actively shape the transformation, exploit the business value of new business models and make green growth a reality.

Speaker: Alexander Appel (MHP), Anke Höller (MHP), Hannah Helmke (Founder and CEO, right), Lenn Mügge (Manager Strategy & Energy, Northvolt)

Our solutions for your transformation

Impulses to accelerate your transformation


What solutions and services does MHP provide?

MHP will be represented with the topic areas "Industrial IoT, Cloud Services, Engineerings Services". In addition, a new service and product offering from MHP will be presented at the Hannover Messe: Industrial Cloud Solutions/Digital Solutions, which will herald a new business area at MHP. Further information on this will be published shortly.

How is MHP helping to enable the production of the future?

The factory of the future is able to adapt to the volatile change processes and framework conditions of the environment. It increases the competitiveness of the company and thus enables greater flexibility in strategy. MHP helps to model all processes in production and use them to control and simulate scenarios that increase the resilience of your company.

Where can I find the MHP stand at the Hannover Messe?

This year, MHP will be represented as a Platinum Partner of AWS in Hall 15 at stand D76.

How do I get tickets for the fair?

Tickets and further information on Hannover Messe can be found on the organizer's website. Here you can find out about the supporting program, site plan as well as opening hours and travel options.