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Industrial Metaverse

The Next Stage of Digital Industry Transformation

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The Industrial Metaverse is Shaping the Future of Business and is Estimated to Have the Potential to Generate 100 Billion US Dollars by 2023.

Discover how the industrial metaverse facilitates large-scale digitalization and the linking up of the entire production landscape. In this whitepaper, we have analyzed the potential and the impact of the industrial metaverse on industry. Learn how companies can use this technology to make production more efficient and more sustainable, while also revolutionizing the way they work and creating new synergies.

Our whitepaper demonstrates how the industrial metaverse accelerates product development, optimizes production simulation, enables remote monitoring and maintenance of systems, and revolutionizes the use of robots and AI. Learn how this concept increases product quality, simplifies production control, and enables immersive presentations of products.

Key insights into our Whitepaper:

  • The industrial metaverse can keep resources in closed cycles and minimize waste.
  • Employees from different departments can work together in real time and realize efficiency gains.
  • The industrial metaverse promotes the circular economy and the dematerialization of the economy.
  • Despite the potential, there are still concerns regarding the reliability of the technology and the economic viability.
  • The carbon pricing of products that require a lot of energy to produce can make remanufacturing a more attractive option.

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