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Increase value creation in production processes

Align production processes efficiently and resiliently with the MHP Efficiency Framework.

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The challenge is huge – over 60% of companies in the automotive industry are affected by material shortages

Inflation, disruptions, volatile demand, and external shocks – the market situation can pose huge challenges for companies. Production is currently suffering in particular. Global supply chains, which create numerous dependencies, are partly to blame. This is precisely where our white paper comes in, addressing the question of how companies can optimize their production processes and develop resilience despite external factors. The specially developed MHP Efficiency Framework provides new approaches and answers to this question, by including practical use cases with Faurecia and Volkswagen from the automotive industry. 


Central questions in our whitepaper:

  • How can you take a holistic view of production and the associated processes? 
  • How can you increase efficiency in the company? 
  • How do value drivers, efficiency drivers and company dimensions interact in the MHP Efficiency Framework? 
  • How can you apply the framework to your production? 
  • How was the automotive supplier Faurecia able to increase the efficiency of Automated Guided Vehicles by 20 % 
  • How is Volkswagen planning a data-driven factory of the future together with MHP? 

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