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Between Two Worlds

What really matters when developing future-proof products and services

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Hardware and Software: The cornerstones of a future-proof world

In a world in which hardware and software not only coexist but are inextricably intertwined, businesses need to be both innovative and adaptable. The path toward digital transformation can seem extremely complex, which is why MHP developed its tube map framework as a guideline. The tube map is a visual diagram that will show you how to move along the path from your current product to the products and services of the future.

The whitepaper Between Two Worlds accompanies you on this trip, bringing you along to various stations and sharing advice from numerous experts. It will serve as a guide on the journey towards your future products and services. With its help, your company will not only be able to hold its own in the international marketplace – it will be positioned to take the lead.

What’s waiting for you in our Whitepaper:

  • Learn why software is every bit as important as hardware, and how both systems can work in harmony.

  • Get a glimpse into the world of startups and learn how these companies innovate under tight deadlines.

  • Enabling innovation: How you can translate regulatory and legal requirements into technical requirements.

  • Learn from the best: What can the automotive industry learn from aerospace?

  • People-centric: How can we cope with changes in workplace demands and create a positive working environment?

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