Sustainability & Digital Responsibility

Acting in a sustainable and responsible way from start to finish.

Sustainability and responsibility at all ecological, social and societal levels are two aspects that are becoming increasingly important success factors for companies. At MHP, we provide companies with holistic support to develop a strategy for, and to implement, sustainability and digital responsibility measures.


Companies have always borne responsibility – and not only for their economic success. A company's actions have a direct impact on the environment and society. Consequently, the demands on companies have increased significantly in recent decades: Customers and employees are increasingly questioning work and business practices, and considering compliance and fairness, as well as responsibility and environmental awareness, when making decisions. Business partners and investors are also making their relationships dependent on companies’ sustainability aims. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ISO 26000 standard have been used to draw up two guidelines that summarize the key aspects of corporate social responsibility and define targets.

Digitalization has now given rise to a further dimension in which social and societal issues are also relevant. Above all, innovations such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and sharing services require the responsible handling of data, digital applications and new business models. This has led to the creation of the corporate digital responsibility approach in recent years.

Trust and transparency are at the heart of both approaches. We firmly believe that companies that set ethical standards for tomorrow’s digital innovations today, will continue to have the confidence of their employees, customers and stakeholders in the future – and will achieve good results in the long term. Many company boards have recognized this and are putting sustainability and digital responsibility on their agenda. As an experienced trust partner, MHP is at your side with a clear purpose on these issues: enabling you to shape a better tomorrow.

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Why MHP is the right partner for sustainability and digital responsibility.

With our unique symbiosis of strategic and technological advice and our high level of implementation expertise, we have already realized numerous projects relating to sustainability and digital responsibility. Thanks to our broad advisory portfolio, we have experts with sound knowledge in all relevant areas. We take into account all business processes along the entire value chain – from developing to marketing products and services as well as the transformation into a sustainable and digitally responsible organization.

Here is an overview of our services and areas of expertise in the field of sustainability and digital responsibility (S&DR):

  • Zero Emissions
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) targeting
  • Digital Responsibility

Ensure your company has the full trust of your customers, employees and stakeholders. It’s time to take on social and digital responsibility – our holistic expertise is there to support you every step of the way.

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