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GreenTech Study 2023

MHP Study 2023 - Executive Summary: Best practice business models for the development of green growth markets

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Best practice examples for seven GreenTech markets of the future: In Germany alone, the market is expected to reach a volume of 856 billion Euros by 2030.

The circular economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to tap into emerging growth markets while reducing dependence on global supply chains. In this executive summary of our study “Green Tech Made in Germany,” we’ll show you seven emerging circular markets and explain which offer the greatest opportunities for growth. You’ll also find examples of best practices from real-world businesses that will help you successfully implement circular business models in your companies.

Geared towards leaders in the automotive industry, machinery and plant construction industries, and manufacturing industry in particular, this executive summary provides inspiration and valuable insights from industry experts. With their help, you’ll learn new strategies that will not only help you stay profitable in the long-term, but reduce your company’s environmental impact in the process.

What you will learn in this executive summary:

  1. Which emerging circular markets have the greatest opportunity for growth
  2. How reusing, repurposing and remanufacturing products can open up new streams of revenue while saving energy and resources
  3. What a pay-per-performance business model is and how it can benefit both suppliers and customers
  4. Why full-service after-sales support can improve customer loyalty and a product’s environmental footprint
  5. How leasing equipment can improve product lifespan and create opportunities for implementing circular business models later on
  6. Why digitalization is a key driving force behind the circular economy and how it will contribute to future growth

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