Industrial IoT Transformation

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Ready for Digital Manufacturing?

In the industry, just like the consumer sector, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one step closer to reality every day – and is revolutionizing the entire economy. An ever-growing number of Internet-enabled ‘things’, including modules, components, system parts, finished products, and resources, are automating and improving the efficiency of the control and optimization of central manufacturing and logistics processes. Smart factories in Industry 4.0 are thus outputting products faster and more flexibly in a scalable, resource-conserving manner.

In a global and highly competitive environment, companies no longer operate independently. Instead, they become part of a complex, interconnected, growing ecosystem that gives them access to the best and most innovative partners. This all requires new agile, open, flexible, and forward-looking ways of thinking and working.

Experience from recent years has shown that digitalization is maximizing the pressure on companies to innovate and accelerating the pace of change. There is an expectation that (production) processes must become leaner, faster, and smarter. As the core element of Industry 4.0, IIoT applications have a fundamental role to play here in the digital transformation.

At MHP, we consider it our mission to drive this development and integrate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into the industrial environment. With our end-to-end approach, we help our customers achieve a seamless transformation to an intelligent factory.

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  • A smart IIoT Transformation brings more efficient production processes

    The benefits of Industry 4.0 and smart factories are clear. But to take full advantage, you need fully digitalized and intelligent factories with departments, such as Production, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, and Engineering, all working effectively together in one tight, interconnected network.

    To achieve this, all aspects involved must be designed and implemented intelligently and end-to-end. We achieve this through the horizontal integration of all relevant processes in the value-added network and the vertical implementation of the digital turn – from strategy and new business models, e.g. data monetization or smart factories, process design, holistic system integration, and the application management of IoT platforms through to the deployment of innovative ERP and shop floor systems.

    Data-driven processes and analyses rely on the connectivity and interconnection of as many ‘things’ as possible in all manufacturing areas. To facilitate this, we create structured concepts to connect all shop floor and warehouse activities. We also employ cloud and AI solutions as well as autonomous vehicles and machine-2-machine communication.

    All of these activities strengthen the profitability of the factories and the competitiveness and future viability of our customers in a manner that is scalable, sustainable, and adaptable to future market developments.

  • The most important stages of a successful IIoT Transformation journey

    To support our customers in their successful transformation into an innovative Industry 4.0 player, we provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

    • Strategy: Digitalization Roadmap
    • Use Cases: Use Case Management
    • Platform: Data + Technology Baseline
    • Hardware: Device Management / IIoT
    • Software: Software Development
    • Security: Cyber Security
    • Ecosystem: Business Partner Management
    • Organization: Transformation

    Specifically, we start by completing a status quo analysis and assessing your company’s current readiness for Industry 4.0. We then develop an end-to-end roadmap on the basis of this, including integrated cyber security concepts. Equally important is an optimal architecture of platforms and services for the efficient, flexible, and scalable use of digital technologies. We advise you on the design and selection of this architecture, and provide technical support with the orchestration and integrated implementation.

    We also provide the methods for this organizational turn, relying on our holistic framework to advise our customers and help them navigate their transformation.

  • New challenges require novel approaches

    We employ several innovative methods to smooth the way to a smart factory. The most important for us are Closed Loop Manufacturing, Smart Factory, and Digital Twin. With these approaches, our customers can make their production processes more transparent, more flexible, and more predictable. Closed Loop Manufacturing in particular results in continuous feedback loops between Product Development, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Customer Experience. This enables companies to respond individually and flexibly to increasingly rapidly changing customer needs and to test and optimize new business models.

    To implement these new concepts, a holistic IT architecture and customized shop floor IT solutions are required. These form the basis for fully-integrated, data-driven processes, in which AI and machine learning algorithms also play a decisive role.

  • Take advantage of our professional excellence and experience

    Benefit from our unique experience and expertise in Industry 4.0 for your IIoT Transformation!

    Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, and IIoT have long been part of our daily business. In 2019 alone, we successfully supported and completed more than 100 projects in this area. We can rely on the process, industry and, IT expertise of more than 350 experts from different disciplines.

    New trends and technologies remain our focus, ensuring that we are able to offer our customers value-adding use cases at an early stage. Through our close exchange with international start-ups and the application-oriented research in our MHPLabs, we help to give our customers a significant technological lead.

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