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The Future Unleashed: Redefining Manufacturing

Efficient. Flexible. Sustainable.

Manufacturing of the future: achieving digital and sustainable transformation

Growing cost pressure, intensified by global economic changes and increasingly volatile market demand, is forcing companies to balance efficiency and flexibility. At the same time, regulatory and environmental requirements are growing. Geostrategic crises are affecting global trade, leading to fragile supply chains and requiring businesses to rethink the manufacturing of the future.

The solution is a digital and sustainable transformation that opens up new ways to not only survive the competition, but to actively shape it. Together with our customers, we want to redefine the way in which companies develop, produce and position products on the market in order to seize the potential of the future today.

Our expert for the manufacturing of the future

Christian Fiebig:"We know the crucial drivers of ongoing and future customer success are the efficiency, agility and sustainability of their factories and supply chains. So, we support our customers with a laser focus on orchestrating innovative processes and the tailored, digital solutions we can provide. This results in cost reductions, yet also achieves lower CO2 emissions. Digital solutions will also deliver a higher degree of flexibility. With our approach, we can prepare our partners for the “production of the future”, while simultaneously generating added value."

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Christian Fiebig

Partner at MHP | Digital Factory & Supply Chain

Accelerate your transformation

As an end-2-end digitalization partner, we optimize your entire product life cycle - from development to reuse. Our customized IIoT solutions and SaaS products measurably increase efficiency in production, warehousing and logistics.

With our IT support and the plug & play principle, we ensure rapid success and seamless, automated processes so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business.

MHP Success Story: Successful IoT-Transformation in Product Development

For over a century, the global technology company ZF has been providing mobility solutions for personal transportation, automobiles, and industrial technology.

When creating new products, gathering data during the pre-development phase is crucial. However, in the past, this data hasn't always been collected centrally. This made it challenging for the company to find the datasets they needed. In some cases, it was even necessary to repeat tests on software-defined vehicles. To avoid these issues and enhance the product development process, the decision was made to develop a central IoT-enabled platform for measurement data.

MHP x ZF Success Story

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Revolutionize your production

One line, all variants: The intelligent linking of systems and production facilities creates completely new possibilities for breaking up previously rigid production processes and designing them to meet demand.

Respond to new requirements with superior competitive speed, integrate new product variants seamlessly into existing production processes and increase your resilience to fluctuations in customer demand in terms of quantity and variant.

MHP Study: Industry 4.0 Barometer – Between digitization push and innovation dilemma

In an era where Industry 4.0 is redefining the boundaries of what is possible, a clear trend is emerging:
Digital transformation is advancing relentlessly, and companies investing in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are putting themselves at the cutting edge of progress. Chinese companies in particular are using AI to revolutionize their manufacturing processes and strengthen their global competitive position.

Data handling is proving to be a key element of business success, but European companies need to develop strategies to overcome their gap in digital transformation. A shortage of skilled workers and training deficits threaten innovative strength, while the right use of industrial AI ensures future viability. Strong digital leadership, especially from CIOs, to steer the digital transformation and fully utilize the opportunities of Industry 4.0 is needed now.

Industry 4.0 Barometer 2024

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Reduce your CO2 footprint

Industry traditionally has high energy demands. At a time when the cost of resources is constantly rising, the economical use of resources is becoming a critical factor for the manufacturing of the future. The reduction of energy consumption and the efficient use of manufacturing resources while maintaining high output are therefore becoming increasingly important.

As a result, it is clear that sustainability within the digital transformation is not a limitation, but a key element for cost efficiency and can therefore make a central contribution to a company's success. Manufacturing with low CO2 emissions is therefore becoming a decisive competitive advantage.

MHP Blog: Sustainable Production: Shaping A Better Tomorrow With The Industrial Metaverse

Can we manufacture cars sustainably? In the era of climate change, carmakers and their production managers are facing a major challenge. Strict EU targets — including a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases across Europe and emissions-free cars by 2035 — are forcing auto manufacturers to set some ambitious goals that will be hard to achieve without changes to the production process. Manufacturers will need to make their processes more sustainable and reduce their products’ carbon footprints in order to comply.

The industrial metaverse could be the answer — a way for factory managers and shopfloor managers to meet the need for sustainability without sacrificing profits.

Shaping A Better Tomorrow With The Industrial Metaverse

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