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MHP and AWS – Your Future in the Cloud

Strong partners with perfect synergy for your AWS cloud challenges

AWS and MHP are two strong partners who provide the essential ingredients for the success of your cloud projects.

MHP brings many years of expertise in the mobility and manufacturing environment to the partnership and is your competent consulting partner for “cloud strategy,” “cloud architecture,” “cloud development and migration” and “cloud operations” challenges.

AWS is the global market leader in cloud platforms with a market share of over 30%. This strengthens our joint project success through their cloud platform expertise and innovation to further leverage cloud benefits such as availability, scalability, and cost savings. The wide range of AWS products are also enablers for new use cases to solve your individual challenges.

Together, we can make your platform and infrastructure projects a success – get in touch and let’s dive deeper into cloud content together!


Machine Learning

Using machine learning, MHP supports the successful end-to-end implementation of data-driven requirements and products in the cloud.

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the most important drivers behind business digitalization and automation.

The rapidly growing availability of inexpensive data storage and cost-efficient computing power means that immediately available data can be used to make processes smarter, more autonomous, and more efficient – in smart factories, business intelligence, and intelligent mobility concepts.

Our deep understanding of the industry, our end-to-end approach, and our specially developed methods for lean and scalable implementation make us a strong partner for your AI projects.


Together with you, we methodically make the migration of classic on-premise applications to the AWS cloud platform a success.

The challenges of a transformation from a classic on-premise world to the AWS cloud platform can be solved with a special methodical approach. The focus here is on the “assess,” “mobilize,” and “migrate and modernize” approach. MHP is the right partner for your cloud migration projects.


MHP paves the way for your SAP systems in the AWS cloud with AWS expertise and SAP in our DNA. MHP supports you from planning to implementation and operation.

SAP and AWS – a perfect combination of high-quality business processes and the advantages of the AWS cloud platform. MHP has SAP in its DNA. Since the company was founded in 1996, SAP has represented a significant share of the entire product portfolio. We support you as a service provider and consultant for your SAP systems on AWS, from planning to implementation and operation.

Industrial Software

MHP offers you solutions for product design, “smart factory” and smart products with the help of industrial software and SAP expertise.

Industrial software is the “backbone” of manufacturing companies. As a competence partner, MHP offers you solutions for product design, the “smart factory” and smart products. In addition, we support you with our SAP expertise in enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution. Let’s tackle it together!

Internet of Things

MHP is expanding its business with ICS: We develop, operate and sell software “as a service” for the engineering, production and supply chain areas of our global customers.

As part of MHP, ICS builds on experience gained from years of IT and management consulting in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. ICS leverages this technology and process expertise and offers cloud-based software solutions to digitalize our customers’ engineering, production and supply chain. Our SaaS products offer high-performance and secure solutions that can be used by our customers with minimal effort: In addition to targeted support during implementation, we provide customer support and continuously work on improving our solutions. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while optimizing their processes through digital, cloud-based solutions.

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