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Stuttgarter Kickers

Since the 2015/16 season, MHP has also been supporting the Stuttgarter Kickers premier league soccer team as its main and jersey sponsor.

Together as a team with Porsche AG, which supports the Kickers' youth/young talent area as a "strategic partner", MHP supports the traditional Stuttgart club with its venue in the GAZi Stadium on the Waldau.

The primary goal of the sponsorship is to create a "win-win situation" with the intention of assuming social responsibility, increasing regional (and nationwide) awareness of MHP and successfully developing the Kickers.

Currently, the Stuttgarter Kickers play in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg and after our team narrowly missed promotion in the cancelled 2019/2020 pandemic season, the 2020/2021 season had to be cancelled early again. However, since less than 50% of the games had been played, our Kickers, as second in the league, were unfortunately not allowed to compete in the promotion relegation to the Regionalliga.

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Together, we will do everything we can during the season to achieve promotion to the Regionalliga Südwest. In the youth sector, Stuttgarter Kickers is one of the most successful clubs in Germany with its junior training center (NLZ) and the U19 and U17 Bundesliga teams.

In addition to team sponsorships in basketball and handball (MHPArena home teams), MHP is also proud to be active in soccer - the number one sport - as a partner with Stuttgarter Kickers and with 1. FC Heidenheim.

In addition to its sporting commitment (professional and junior teams), MHP also supports social projects together with the Stuttgarter Kickers, such as "DKMS fundraising campaign" and "Fairplay.

One team. One goal. Excellent team players.

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