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Shaping the future agile.
Global change and increasing digitization are making changes more and more unpredictable. Not only the methods used are changing, but also the way people work together as well as the purpose and structures of entire companies. MHP accompanies well-known companies along this path. We make our customers more flexible and responsive to the changes and customer needs of tomorrow - We activate your agility for your transformation.

Companies need to react to changes in a more timely and flexible manner.
In an international market environment that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, companies must be responsive, very flexible, and more customer- and utility-driven. This requires a target oriented and holistic transformation towards more agility. With the successful organizational principles and behaviors of the past, companies lose the connection to new developments and leave the potential and abilities of their company and employees unused.

Agility is characterized above all by a changed way of thinking.
Agility is characterized by more self-determined work within an interdisciplinary network, in a flat hierarchy, with a high degree of self-management and an open team atmosphere. This requires more flexible models of cooperation and a new kind of leadership that involves stakeholders in the design process, space for creative experimentation and a culture of learning. Transforming your business into an agile organization will not only increase your attractiveness in finding new talent, but will also boost your company's innovative power and make it more responsive to changing customer needs.

Why MHP is the right partner for you.
MHP supports customers from the fields of mobility and manufacturing as a trusted partner at eye level, from the introduction of agile values to agile implementation projects. Our customers benefit from access to our network of successful business customers, strategic partners, innovative start-ups as well as MHP's own agile community and our innovation labs. With our help, we give your company a decisive advantage in terms of knowledge, organization and technology.

At the beginning of our cooperation is your willingness to change
With the help of an agile assessment, we record the maturity level of a company with regard to the use of agility processes at the beginning of the cooperation. Together we create an individual and needs-based approach for your transformation.

With the following service portfolio we belong to Germany's leading consultants for agility and transformation:

Agile Academy & Agile Experience
With special training and workshops, we can experience the benefits of agility and change across all levels of the hierarchy and thus provide the right impulses for a paradigm shift in your company.

New Work & Agile Leadership
We accompany your employees and executives in their personal transformation, taking into account their personal strengths and potentials, and also act as knowledge multipliers and agile coaches.

Digital & Agile Organization
We work with you to create an agile organization that fits your digital business model so you can increase your responsiveness and reduce the risk of bad investments.

Agile Products & Services
With our expertise in the agile development of hardware, software and services and our knowledge of markets, industries and technologies, we help you to develop your products, services and IT solutions as well as their operation.

Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise and secure your competitive advantage even today. Contact Agile(at) and book one of our offers today.

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