Organizational Transformation

Embracing change is the key to business success.

The world is changing at an ever faster pace: Digitization, globalization, and climate change are revolutionizing entire markets and accelerating shifts in demand. Companies are being forced to be ever more responsive, flexible, customer-focused, and value-oriented.

The problem is that many companies are stuck in previously successful but rigid structures, where employee potential and skills often remain untapped, while the employees themselves also face increasingly complex tasks coupled with rising demands.

We see our role as building up "immunity" among companies against this dynamic to enable them to continue operating successfully on the market. We aim to give our customers the right mindset and necessary tools to respond to change in a more proactive, rather than reactive manner. In other words: we want to make them resilient!

This is reflected in a corporate culture shaped by a willingness to change and to keep reinventing itself. It also includes more self-determined work, flat hierarchies, the constructive involvement of all employees in decision-making processes, lived creativity and experimentation as well as an open team atmosphere and learning culture.

With our portfolio of powerful tools, we are one of Germany’s leading consultants for agility and transformation:

  • Agile Academy & Agile Experience 
  • New Work & Agile Leadership 
  • Digitale und Agile Organisation 
  • Agile Produkte und Services
  • Companies undergoing transformation are facing a bandwidth of problems

    More than two thirds of all transformation projects fail, more than half of agile projects do, and with traditional projects, it is around three quarters. But why is that? The reasons are many and varied:

    • Culture shock
      The organizational structure is not or only partially prepared for change. The company’s ecosystem and culture are not taken into account.
    • Skills shortage
      Not all employees are equally prepared for the changed organization. New skills are not being added.
    • Value differences
      The individual areas have different ideas, requirements, and values. There’s a lack of focus on individual division requirements and a holistic organizational view.
    • Isolation
      All members of the organization should be involved in the change. There is no clarity about consistent change management.

    An implementation that only progresses in fits and starts and an uncoordinated transformation design bring no added value for customers or employees.

  • Our solutions for a successful business transformation

    Whether you need support with abstract organizational transformations, the implementation of agile and scaled structures, transformation preparation, or the change itself: With our comprehensive expertise, we help you to become more agile using our comprehensive portfolio of tools in various spheres of activity – thereby designing a dynamic organization.

    • Countering cultural shock – culture management & organizational design
      Consideration of the dependencies of different value systems as well as internal and external factors (dual operating system)
    • Countering skills shortages – skill & capability management
      Targeted addressing of transformation and person-related requirements – holistic approach (digital leadership coaching).
    • Countering value differences – assessment & visualization
      Analysis of the individual value systems at company level and/or deep dives of the organization via targeted assessments (quick agile assessment).
    • Countering isolation – integrated change management
      Agile change management approach that is oriented toward the essential differences in the value systems.
    • Countering integration difficulties – open practice transformation design
      Holistic view of the company during the transformation with continuous adaptation of the building blocks (system & service design approach).
  • Through this path, we will lead you successfully to your destination

    At the start of the collaboration, we use an agile assessment to determine the extent to which agility is practiced at your company. Together, we then create an individual and demand-oriented procedure for the entire transformation process using a combination of best practice expertise and a holistic understanding of organizational complexities. We do not look at isolated change solutions, but rather see the company as a holistic and constantly changing organism. This ensures that we are able to offer you targeted, customized, and fully integrated solutions.

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