Intelligent Automation

Benefit now from the next stage in automation evolution!

International competition is intensifying – and many companies are feeling the pressure to shorten their innovation cycles while making their customer approach even more distinctive. How can such challenges be overcome?

Companies require innovative and intelligent solutions for comprehensive process optimization to continue to operate successfully on the market. Intelligent Automation, also known as Hyperautomation, offers a very good solution approach.

The research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. defines Hyperautomation as “the application of advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to increasingly automate processes and augment humans.”

What is special about the principle of Hyperautomation is its holistic concept: A broad range of tools – from Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Business Process Management, right through to AI applications – are intelligently networked throughout the whole process of needs assessment, measurement, monitoring, evaluation and decision-making.

Hyperautomation does exactly what Robotic Process Automation alone cannot do: It enables companies to focus on the constant realignment of their business through more efficient processes, shorten internal response and throughput times, and significantly increase the quality of their processes toward the customer. It provides greater agility and flexibility across the company and ultimately significant cost savings.

  • We will get you ready for Intelligent Automation.

    We see ourselves as a reliable and on-hand partner when it comes to intelligent process automation – and that also means short paths for rapid intervention if required!

    We firmly believe that real savings potential (in terms of effort and costs) lies primarily in the more complex use cases. That is why we use various procedures and technologies to successfully automate even the more complex processes using Hyperautomation.

    We do everything we can to provide our customers with comprehensive, competent support on this important topic of the future and to enable them to automate even complex use cases with high savings potential.

    In addition, we want to enable our customers to develop and operate automation solutions independently in the future. We also provide our customers with the latest methods and technologies to deliver stable and maintainable automation solutions.

  • What tools, skills and experience do we use to do this?

    At MHP, we pursue a holistic approach to consulting: From automation strategy all the way to  technical implementation and support on multiple platforms, we offer a complete range of Intelligent Automation services.

    In addition, we have a high level of AI expertise in-house, which we integrate into our automation projects.

    • Roadmap und Governance:
      Introduction of intelligent (process) automation, establishment of governance and service model, establishment of “center of competence” (central and decentralized)
    • Use Case Ideation:
      Preparation of process maps, potential analysis, evaluation and business case – we think a lightweight and template-based approach is important to achieve fast and tangible results
    • Implementation & Testing:
      Minimum viable product (MVP) approach and our aim to go from the first automation idea to go-live in just six weeks on average
    • Application and/or Platform Operation
      Using service level agreements and transparent billing models
    • Trainings & Specials:
      User experience and technical training, dev shadowing and code reviews
    • Specials:
      Platform consulting and evaluation: Find the right Hyperautomation platform for your specific business needs

    In addition, we hold extensive technical expertise in the following platforms and technologies:

    • Robotic Process Automation on the UiPath und Automation Anywhere platforms
    • Process Mining & Discovery with Celonis
    • Business Process Management with K2 and Appian
    • Document Understanding with IBM and ABBYY
    • Conversational AI (IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure)
  • With us as your partner, Intelligent Automation practically implements itself.

    MHP not only possesses extensive specialist industry and process expertise, but also in-depth technical knowledge in the specialist disciplines of Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Management, Document Understanding, Machine and Deep Learning, and Process Mining.

    We have the skill set to offer you Intelligent Automation in its comprehensive entirety, meaning you can obtain everything from a single source: from embedding Intelligent Automation into your digitalization strategy to defining the service model, selecting the right platform and analyzing the process, right through to implementation, and application and platform management. Moreover, thanks to our extensive partner network, we can fill any gaps and buy in the specific expertise we need if required.

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