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Controlling the data deluge – now and in the future

Business analytics and planning are two vital fields that enable companies to make the right decisions in current and future market situations. However, the mounting deluge of data brings new challenges – but also many opportunities. With our extensive SAP expertise we support our customers in achieving greater transparency and planning security.

Digital reporting and dashboards for a full business picture

Business analytics is becoming an increasing challenge for companies in the mobility and manufacturing sectors. Existing IT architectures are being extended continuously to link up more systems to new data. The snag is that data are often unstructured and based on different data models with increasingly complex data structures. Without coherent transformation the information treasure troves in these data will remain untapped.

Many companies therefore miss valuable insights: for in order to best assess and steer business processes they need to identify potentials and problems at an early stage. This is why informative reporting is absolutely essential.

MHP offers its customers sustainable and future-proof business analytics architectures that are end-to-end, flexible, efficient and scalable. In doing so, we focus increasingly on SAP solutions by integrating existing business intelligence applications (on-premises) with innovative solutions such as SAP Business Analytics Cloud (SAC).

In addition, by introducing SAP S/4HANA, embedded technologies can also be deployed and cross-divisional reporting achieved thanks to central data storage.

We adopt a holistic, interdisciplinary approach for these projects. With our team of consultants, architects, developers, data scientists and frontend experts we support customers from data provisioning in the source system to presenting data in reports and dashboards.

Simplifying planning processes with digital technologies

When it comes to planning, a growing number of companies are seeking flexible integrated solutions in order to better validate future decisions and steps. In many quarters there is currently a shortage of appropriate IT support, which results in a high level of manual planning efforts. Yet in recent years innovative technologies and approaches like predictive analytics and big data have emerged which can take planning to new heights. However many companies are still starting out in this field and are faced with cultural challenges.

Thanks to our experience and expertise with SAP planning solutions, we simplify and optimize all the relevant planning processes for our customers. We begin by analyzing the company's readiness to take on board new digital planning applications. Then we implement integrated planning approaches and introduce new planning technologies. Our customers benefit from a perfect symbiosis of specialized and technological consulting.

Our special focus: we integrate operative planning across the value chain with finance – resulting in better, all-encompassing corporate management. We deploy technologies such as the embedded planning components in S/4HANA and SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning), which we integrate with existing planning applications in SAP IP or BPC.

Why MHP is the right partner for business analytics and planning

SAP has been enshrined in our DNA for more than 20 years. Especially in the fields of business analytics and planning we have successfully supported countless projects based on SAP – with concepts, architectures and digital solutions.We are skilled at combining specialized, processual and technological requirements and providing individualized consulting.

If you want to create full transparency across all your key business processes and pave the way to precise planning – MHP will help you do it, end-to-end.

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