Special: [I]IoT Transformation

In times like these, when resources are scarce and businesses and their infrastructures are undergoing significant change, it is important to sustainably maintain productivity and improve factory efficiency for the longer term. We believe that one powerful way to do exactly that is by implementing an E2E [I]IoT transformation approach. Sounds complicated, you say? Let us break it down for you.

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Special: Responsive Supply Chain

Agility and flexibility have been buzzwords for a while but it sure looks like the current situation is asking for nothing more than rapid responses based on fast and intelligent planning.

We’ll show you what it takes to set up a responsive supply chain that is resilient and high-quality at once!

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End-to-end optimized solutions along the value chain

Production, logistics, purchasing and sales - the competitiveness of a company depends crucially on the efficiency in the interaction of the "operations" processes and information flows within and outside the company boundaries. They can be optimized locally or in its entirety. What is needed in any case is "Operations Excellence" - This is what MHP offers with a broad service portfolio.

Respond flexibly and quickly to changes.

In times of globalized and volatile markets, companies have to face up to a core requirement more than ever before: They have to recognize their customers' needs precisely and align themselves as flexible as possible with their individual ideas. It is important to respond quickly and agilely to social, legal and economic changes; and new technologies must be integrated at an early stage - across all levels of the company's value chain. This is the only way to secure long-term advantages in international competition and further growth.

Digitalization opens up new strategic and technological opportunities for many of today's and tomorrow's challenges - they only have to be exploited at every stage of the value chain.

The value chain as the evolution of the supply chain.

Digital change requires a holistic view of the company. Away from the classic, linear value chain towards a consideration of the more dynamic crosslinking of all participants, the so-called Value Net. The classic business processes are being called into question, and business areas from purchasing to sales must be interconnected more and more to be able to react more flexibly to the volatile challenges. A complex ecosystem with customers, partners, competitors and other stakeholders is emerging around the business processes. Multi-directional communication in the form of cross-functional data and information exchange will leverage untapped potential and create new opportunities. The new forms of communication strengthen connectivity and transparency in the Value Net.

Why MHP is the right "Operations" partner.

For more than 20 years, we have been right in the middle of optimizing the operative business of companies. Our consulting approach is unique and interdisciplinary - we combine management, process and IT know-how into an all-around premium service that takes into account all operational processes. We provide both strategic and technological support, from the initial idea to conception and implementation.

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