MHP assumes social and corporate responsibility

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) companies, organizations, as well as institutions, go beyond their legal obligations to voluntarily take on corporate responsibility. A key feature of CSR is that corporate responsibility goes beyond compliance with legal regulations. CSR supports the interaction of businesses, society, as well as politics, and strengthens both the economy and society.

CSR is also gaining increasing importance - also in terms of the assumption of corporate and social responsibility, as well as the competitiveness of a company.

For MHP CSR is an active part of the corporate philosophy! At the MHP locations we are mainly involved in public, social, cultural, and academic areas, and also sports.


As a successful commercial enterprise MHP has already been taking its social and corporate responsibility very seriously for 15 years. Within the framework of our MHPCares program, we support social projects and institutions over the long term. MHPCares primarily funds projects and institutions which are close to the hearts of our employees. This way MHP employees can get involved on a voluntary basis and provide vital assistance.


We also support select projects and teams as a sponsor. The overriding goals of our sponsoring commitments are to position ourselves as an "excellent team player", and thus emotionalize the "MHP brand", as well as achieve a "win-win situation" for our partners and us. We also want to raise our profile and continue to improve our image, as well as increase the motivation of our employees.

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Ingo Guttenson

Head of Brand Strategy, Sponsoring and CSR

Tel.: +49 151 20301184
eMail: ingo.guttenson(at)mhp.com


Thanks to the commitment of MHP, the Arena Ludwigsburg is now the MHPArena since September 2012. This sponsorship deal is for at least ten years. We are very proud of this partnership with Stadt Ludwigsburg (operating company). We decided on the name sponsorship of the arena, because we are committed to MHP's main site in Ludwigsburg and want to continue to grow as a successful company. In addition, a sports and event arena where people regularly deliver top performances together is a perfect match for us as a consulting company. We look forward to a successful collaboration with Stadt Ludwigsburg and entertaining matches and events in the MHPArena!


MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg, Basketball Bundesliga (Our 1st home team)

Since September 2012 MHP has not only lent its name to the MHPArena, but is also a partner of the Basketball Bundesliga team MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg - the home team of the MHPArena. In the first season as premium partner and since the 2013/2014 season as main sponsor and namesake of MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg. We didn't "only" want to give a name to the arena; we also wanted to support the home team of the MHPArena with our commitment to MHP RIESEN in order to inject some more life into the arena. Basketball with its attributes dynamism, passion, and team spirit fit in very well with a consulting company and our corporate philosophy. The arena name sponsoring in conjunction with the partnership of our first Basketball Bundesliga home team is also an excellent platform for supporting our communication objectives. We are inspired and also want to do our part in inspiring others. Hence why we, together with Porsche AG, who strategically supports the youth side as "Porsche Basketball Academy", decided on broadening our commitment, and are looking forward to exciting and inspiring games in the MHPArena and a successful season for our MHP RIESEN.

After three consecutive play-off matches and an outstanding EuroCup season, as well as the German championship title in the JBBL (2015), we want to further establish ourselves in the "top group" of German basketball. In addition to the sporting commitment (professional and youth teams), we also support social projects, such as "Gib Rassismus einen Korb" (anti-racism and anti-discrimination project) or "Assist". MHP - Your GIANT team!

Stuttgart Kickers l Oberliga Baden-Wuerttemberg

Since the 2015/2016 season MHP has also been supporting the regional league football team, Stuttgart Kickers, as a major sponsor and jersey sponsor. Together with Porsche AG, who supports the youth side of the Kickers' "strategic partner", MHP supports the traditional Stuttgart club with venues in the GAZi-Stadion auf der Waldau, a multipurpose stadium in the Degerloch district of Stuttgart. The ultimate goal of this sponsorship is to create a "win-win situation" for both sides with the aim of increasing MHP's regional and national prominence. In addition to team sponsorship in basketball and handball, MHP is proud to now also be actively involved in football, the no. 1 sport, as a partner of the Stuttgart Kickers.

After a difficult season we are trying to be successful again together as a team!

SG BBM Bietigheim, Handball Bundesliga (our 2nd home team)

Besides MHP RIESEN, MHP has also been supporting two other teams since the 2014/2015 season with SG BBM Bietigheim, who sometimes play their home games in the MHPArena. Since August 2014 MHP has been a premium partner of the men's and ladies' handball teams from Bietigheim, who currently play in the second tier of the men's Handball Bundesliga and in the top division of the ladies' Bundesliga and also in the EuroCup. The combination of name sponsoring of the MHPArena, as well as the partnership with MHP RIESEN and SG BBM Bietigheim, complement each other ideally. We are proud to be able to contribute to the success with the genuine partnership of MHP and SG BBM, and are looking forward to an exciting season in the MHPArena.

After the men's team got promoted to the top handball league in the world and were dropped again after one season, the more youthful team was able to establish itself in the middle of the second tier of the Bundesliga. The ladies' team is one of the four best teams in Germany, and both teams are trying to climb up the ladder even further. Together we are "excellent team players"!

Match Race Germany sailing competition on Lake Constance

MHP has been a boat sponsor and partner of Match Race Germany since 2011. We are all fascinated by sailing – primarily because it demands a great deal from the teams, which is also paramount for us as a consulting company: a distinctive team spirit and optimally interrelated processes, excellent command of technology, as well as superb project management. Characteristics such as fascination, passion, dynamism, and speed are also associated with sailing - which are also representative of MHP and its consultants. We are proud to be an important partner of Match Race Germany as a boat sponsor.

RGH Heidelberg, 1. Bundesliga Youth Rugby

Since 2012 MHP has been supporting the youth rugby team of RG Heidelberg. By means of the funding concept, young talents in German rugby from the U14 category receive support - also taking the 2016 and 2020 Olympic tournaments into consideration. The "High Potentials" program should help secure the next generation of RGH players and expand the already substantial collection of titles of RG Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of the most successful rugby teams in Germany and has been German champions multiple times in all age categories.

Together we are "excellent team players"!

Ritz Carlton Dragon Boat Cup

MHP has been a partner of the Ritz Carlton Dragon Boat Race in Wolfsburg since 2008 and is always represented with its own dragon boat team, the MHPGrisu. The big dragon boat race for the coveted "Ritz Carlton Cup" in Wolfsburg is characterized by exciting races, imaginative teams, and a varied accompanying program. MHP has been the main sponsor of the event since 2010.


Pediatric Heart Center Olgäle-Stiftung Stuttgart

Together with our employees and business partners we have been supporting the Stuttgart pediatric heart center (Olgäle Stiftung) for 15 years under the auspices of Dr. Schuster. It all began with this commitment and dedication and to this day it is a matter truly dear to our hearts to help children and young adults get fit and healthy again.


Ludwigsburg Festival

MHP has been a partner of the Ludwigsburg Festival since 2005. The Ludwigsburg Festival is one of the most significant German culture festivals and boasts a long tradition with its innovative program of music, dance, theater, and literature.


MHP University Prize

MHP has been a partner of the University of Reutlingen since 2004 with the MHP University Prize. The 1500 Euro MHP University Prize is awarded to students of information systems courses at the University of Reutlingen. We promote innovative ideas and demonstrate mutual respect through the exchange of information and ideas with students, and with the prize.

University of Babeș-Bolyai

Since February 2014 we have been supporting the University of Babeș-Bolyai in Romania with the development of a German-speaking computer science study program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. In addition to the financial support, MHP is also involved in transferring know-how and expertise. Employees from MHP lecture at events with a clear focus on the practical element. MHP also makes it possible for students to acquire their first experience of working life - for example through traineeships or the JUMP Start program at our location in Cluj-Napoca.

Formula Student GreenTeam Stuttgart

MHP has been supporting the GreenTeam of Universität Stuttgart since 2012. The Formula Student is an international design competition where students have to design, produce, and test their own racing car under certain rules. Every year the teams from the various international universities compete against each other in so-called static and dynamic disciplines. The Formula Student is divided into a combustion engine and electric competition.

The GreenTeam takes part in the Formula Student Electric and since 2009 has been designing fully battery-powered racing cars. The GreenTeam is one of the world's best teams and is currently placed in the top 5 of the world rankings. In 2015 the GreenTeam from Baden-Württemberg set a new acceleration record for electric vehicles from 0 to 100 km/h with 1.779 seconds.

Together we are "excellent team players"!