Immersive Reality

Creating added value with AR, VR and MR.
Even though AR, VR and MR are exploring the limits of the real - the hype of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality are real - in the truest sense of the word. More and more companies are developing new business opportunities with the technologies - MHP is helping to make good use of them.

Euphoria in many R&D departments.
Simply put on your VR or AR glasses and visit the virtual showroom or receive individually tailored information about the immediate environment - in the VR, AR and MR areas, the development curve is steeply upwards. The new technologies make it possible to visualize information and data in a highly immersive way and to give users impressive new experiences and interactions. This creates euphoria in the development departments of many companies. Through the further development of devices, software and standards, they are increasingly discovering fields of application to establish new business processes or optimize existing ones.

The hype can also be measured by a number: By 2021, experts expect worldwide annual sales of VR, AR and MR solutions to amount to almost 70 billion euros. Augmented reality applications account for the majority of this - which clarifies the enormous potential of this technology in the business environment.

Four scenarios for virtual business applications
Two of the big questions of many companies: What can we use it for? How can the technology be integrated into their own business processes? At the moment, it is therefore essential to identify suitable application scenarios. For us, there are currently four exciting fields:

  1. „Help me sell“ – Immersive technologies support along the customer journey - from the desire to buy, through the information phase, to the consulting phase, where the focus is on powerful product visualization and has a positive effect on the decision phase.
  2. „Help me create“ – AR and VR can support along the entire product creation process - through new collaboration possibilities with distributed development as well as innovative display options for components and parts.
  3. „Help me operate“ – The display of real-time information or the extended display of components right up to entire plants are examples of how blue collar workers can be efficiently supported in their daily work.
  4. „Help me learn“ – Efficient learning in a virtual sandbox enables companies to provide distributed, cost-effective and continuous training for their employees; for new products even before the start of production.

Why MHP is the right partner for AR, VR and MR.
Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality have been a reality for us at MHP for many years. Our portfolio of services enables companies in various sectors to integrate AR, VR and MR applications into new and existing workflows in a meaningful and value-adding way. We have established a process of four phases:

In the "prototyping" phase, we carry out a screening of the relevant specialist areas in the company. We then develop the first AR, VR or MR prototypes based on current technologies and trends.

If the results are convincing, we move on to the enable phase, where we support the development of a strategy for the use of the new technologies in trend-setting decisions. Specialized competencies have to be built up, which requires adjustments to the IT infrastructure. This requires sensitive change management to achieve the highest possible level of acceptance among employees.

The "Engineer" phase includes all services required to build a robust solution - we control all steps from the preparation of the 3D models to the roll-out of the solution.

Successful AR, VR or MR applications have a long service life. That's why we offer optimal application management throughout the entire life cycle, keeping virtual innovations at the cutting edge.

Expand your real business potential - with MHP's comprehensive AR, VR and MR expertise!

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