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We pave your way to the next generation of SAP customer experience with MHP's best-in-class methods for SAP CX transformations. They let you design, implement and successfully roll out an integrated cloud or hybrid-based business and solution architecture that will thrill your customers and users at all touch points and channels on the customer journey, inspire their lasting loyalty, safeguard their investments and the competitive edge they generate.

Our consultancy portfolio is based on the following SAP Customer Experience platforms.


  • SAP Marketing & Qualtrics

    More conversions with data-driven, relevant experience management

    Customer profiling and target audience segmentation based on mass data in real time - unlocked by the SAP Marketing Cloud. Ratchet up the success and conversion rates of your campaigns with predictive analytics based, data-driven decisions and impress your customers with personalized communication and the right product at the right time over the right channel (next-best offer). Use SAP Qualtrics to combine transactional data from your legacy world with your customers' emotional experience data. Benefit from AI-based cross and upselling recommendations in your web shop, automated lead nurturing across touch points and dynamic, easy and highly flexible campaign automation via 1-n steps and channels while taking into account all market-relevant consent rules such as the GDPR with or without the use of the SAP Customer Data Cloud.

  • SAP Commerce

    Personalized one-stop online shopping experience

    Sell your range in a one-stop online shop based on the SAP Commerce Cloud, in a B2B, B2C or B2B2C scenario, closely linked to your existing back-office logistics, return handling, spare parts management and remarketing processes. Impress your customers with an Amazon-like online shopping experience based on relevant, personalized content in real time, AI-based product recommendations and prices and comprehensive integration of third-party products.

  • SAP Sales & CPQ

    More time for customers

    Give your sales force fast, easy access to detailed cross-departmental customer and solution information with a mobile solution to keep them up to speed on your customers and to sell your products anywhere, at any time. Facilitate management of your customer contacts and selling opportunities significantly with the help of a voice-controlled sales agent, guided sales process and AI-aided deal intelligence and increase the effective selling time of your sales team with customers. Demonstrate the necessary appreciation of your customers with a highly emotive AR/VR-aided product configuration and highly personalized and individual products and prices in real time with the help of the SAP CPQ Cloud.

  • SAP Service & FSM

    Serve customers and generate added value

    Generate added value for your customers with highly integrated interaction-to-resolution processes in the front and back office of your service department with the help of the SAP Service Cloud. Your contact center thus has access to all relevant customer and solution information to deal with customer inquiries immediately on their own or supported by skill-based forwarding and action planning by your back office, mobile service team or third parties to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Alternatively, your customers can help themselves over an intuitive, fully integrated self-service portal. Automate your processes with predictive maintenance models and over-the-air services taking into account service agreements, warranties and good will.

  • SAP S/4HANA Customer Management

    Lean CRM with seamless sales and service processes

    Benefit with SAP S/4HANA from seamlessly integrated lead-to-cash and interaction-to-resolution processes on a company-wide standard digital platform in real time and a unique user experience for power and occasional users based on SAP Fiori. Enhance your solution in service and/or sales with specific front-office processes in field force or campaign management with the help of a hybrid architecture based on SAP CX and its instantly available standard integration scenarios.

Take advantage of our business and industry-specific CRM solutions

  • CRM Business Process Management – Let your CRM Processes run

    Take advantage of our specialized and system-immanent expertise in the management of your operative CRM processes in sales, service and marketing based on SAP and of the continuous enablement of users in your company towards a key-user organization. Recover valuable time to devote to managing and developing your business.

  • Compliance CRM – Protect your enterprise value now

    Criminal offenses like corruption, theft and breaches of environmental protection guidelines jeopardize a company's compliance and worth. This also applies to compliance with conduct rules, including how we treat our fellows (bullying, insults, harassment), which is in the company's interest and is governed by industrial law. MHP offers an audit-proof consultation desk and whistleblower system based on SAP CRM and S/4 HANA in order to answer inquiries about following integrity and compliance guidelines and to take action in the case of breaches of compliance. The MHP solution impresses with an intuitive Fiori-based interface and a smart cockpit for all user groups, comprehensive case handling including a very granular authorization concept, GDPR-compliant data management and encrypted communication for data and personal security and extensive internal and external reporting.

  • Fleet Management – End-to-end fleet management

    The MHP fleet management solution is based on master vehicle data as central object and the seamless integration of all back office processes required for fleet management including vehicle registration/deregistration with the tax authorities when buying and selling vehicles, operations across the entire life cycle of the connected and electric vehicle fleet and its financial valuation. Optimize maintenance processes and the service life of your fleet with predictive maintenance models and efficient over-the-air updates.

  • SAP Automotive Retail Cloud (SAP Business One & OneDealer)

    Use the SAP Automotive Retail Cloud to reach more customers with flexible, workflow-oriented multi-channel lead generation. Control the entire selling process and convert more leads into sales than never before. Make the most of all your market potential with an all-in-one solution for campaign management and appeal to customers at the right time with tailored personalized advertising messages. Create a perfect customer experience and ratchet up revenues in the service center with attractive prices and guaranteed repair times. Gain absolute control and make optimum decisions thanks to business analytics with a real-time insight into all business processes.

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