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Special: Online Car Sales 2020

The Corona Pandemic and its effects on the automotive trade of the future: In our Corona Special we investigated the question of whether and how this pandemic will influence and change the purchasing behavior of customers.

To this end, topics from the automotive and non-automotive online sales sectors were examined with the help of a survey.

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Special: Loyalty & Advanced Analytics

As we elaborated in our event AHEAD – A Digital Dialogue loyal customers are twice as valuable in times of economic downturn. As a result of the pandemic the face of physical customer touchpoints is changing, altering the overall shopping experience and consumer behavior. Understanding customer needs and sustaining customer relations are therefore imperative to secure revenues. But before you start communicating with your customers, you should know what they actually need.

Advanced Analytics can help you to specifically address the right person at the right time with the right action by analyzing channels, product affinities and shopping behavior. Understanding buying propensity and customer value will add to building customer loyalty and generate revenue for future business.

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Special: Generate additional revenue

Talking about smooth sailing may sound like heresy in the current situation. But when it comes to digital services and monetization, that’s exactly what you want to offer business customers: a smooth, individualized backend system that allows for a safe and transparent customer experience.

Let’s have a look on how to optimize digital services now in order to generate additional revenue in the long run.

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A seamless connection of marketing sales and service

The development of a successful customer journey is a permanent challenge for all companies. With our expertise in "Marketing Sales and Service," we offer perfectly coordinated solutions and transformation routes - individually adapted to the needs of our customers.

Convince customers with top service.

Convincing customer experience depends to a large extent on the quality of products and services. To retain customers in the long term, this customer experience must include well-thought-out and smart processes, without distinction between online and offline.

One success factor from our experience is a consistently customer-centric focus - regardless of whether existing sales and service processes are to be optimised or entirely new business processes are to be integrated. The goal should always be to make processes as uncomplicated and coherent as possible for customers and to offer the best possible service.

Individually suitable ways for new customer journeys.

We at MHP have developed a journey that is specifically aimed at the transformation of marketing sales and service processes. We take a holistic approach and consistently consider all relevant channels. Regardless of how you want to start, we support you in developing a fundamental strategy, optimising the value chain, transforming your organisation or directly implementing new technologies.


  • Route 1 - Marketing, Sales, Service & Retail - digital overview and continuous improvement.

    The digitalisation of marketing sales and service processes in front of the customer makes a consistent process possible without the usual losses in analogue processes. Not only can customer needs be evaluated more transparently, but the quality, efficiency and business excellence of customer relationships and costs can be more accurately assessed and optimised. These are ideal conditions for expanding existing business processes or successfully launching new ones, such as sharing or pay-per-use services.

  • Route 2 - Developing Connected Customer Values.

    What is particularly necessary for a new customer experience level is seamless networking and synchronisation between customers, companies, and even (increasingly intelligent) products. Especially in the premium product and automotive sector, we open up innovative, service-oriented business areas to manufacturers and dealers - for example in the form of intelligent mobility services, individualised over-the-air services or individual remote support. Our expertise ranges from the definition of services, diagnosis and transformation of the customer care sector across the various on- and offline channels. Through these additional services, we expand the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers in the long term, generating profitable revenue streams and recurring revenues.

  • Route 3 - Making mobility and fleet services more transparent.

    Fleet operators in the private or professional sector also benefit from more transparency through digital solutions. With innovative mobile and online services, we offer you the opportunity to raise traditional fleet offers and processes to a new level of mobility and availability. And that's not all: our approaches also reduce operating costs, increase your employees' ability to provide advice and simplify the entire vehicle logistics process. Also, our innovative "tools" support, in particular, the currently increased need for consulting in the new business areas such as mobility, e-mobility and digital services. The associated digital tools, such as mobility apps or simple access to web-based systems, also increase the satisfaction of the respective end customers. New topics in this context are, for example, low-emission fleets and the often locally varying use of subsidies.

  • Route 4 - Establishing digital services and payment models.

    We are also convinced that individualised digital after-sales services can significantly increase customer loyalty. That is why our solutions also pave the way for new "vehicle-as-a-service" offers that generate additional revenues throughout the entire product life cycle. We support our customers at all levels: From service strategy, analytics, customer experience design and service design to pricing, handling and processing, and cost-effective billing.

  • Route 5 - Expand your own data-driven business platform

    A central building block for the digitisation of marketing sales and services are proprietary data-driven analytical business platforms - ideally on a flexibly scalable cloud basis and with architectures that are either individually created or based on international best-practice applications from providers such as SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce or AWS - and which can be directly connected to other essential platforms in the respective industry ecosystem. On these new platforms, we create end-to-end customer experiences in the showroom - remote and digital - achieving higher lead and conversion rates and establishing more efficient sales and service management with lower sales costs.

Why MHP is the right partner for "One Marketing Sales and Service"

At MHP, we advise and deliver end-to-end solutions that enable your company to set new standards in a digitalised world. This means that we do not just focus on strategies or the smooth integration of new technologies for end-to-end marketing sales and service processes, but develop holistic concepts and approaches that fit the set-up and goals of your company and your target customers. Our unique combination of strategic and technological expertise in the areas of mobility and manufacturing and beyond ensures the successful "digital turn" of your marketing, sales and service organisation.

Set new standards in your customer journey - we accompany you on all routes.

White Paper: Relevance to Customer

Staying relevant for customers becomes increasingly important in our world full of choices, countless possibilities of customer interactions and intense competition.

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