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Organizational and sales transformation of mobility operations

Success Story Deutsche Leasing AG

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How Deutsche Leasing AG has restructured the organizational and sales aspects of its mobility operations

For companies of all sectors, leasing represents one of the most attractive forms of financing – especially with regard to investments in the future. Calculable instalments grant medium-sized firms and groups flexible access to cost-intensive machinery, vehicles, IT solutions, and real estate – without the need to tie up large sums of their own capital.

One of the leading, manufacturer-independent asset finance partners for medium-sized German companies is Deutsche Leasing AG. For almost 60 years, the company, which is part of The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, has offered financing solutions for nearly all products and services that companies require for their business. Alongside the core business of leasing, Deutsche Leasing AG also provides solution-oriented support to its clients in industry, trade, services, and the public sector with regard to factoring, receivables management and insurance as well as with international leasing projects.

One of the central business fields of leasing is mobility – and Deutsche Leasing AG also provides assistance here with the individual establishment and operation of commercial fleets and future-oriented mobility solutions. To maintain its position as a top provider in this competitive market in the future, the company from Bad Homburg vor der Höhe already set the course for transformation in 2018 – together with us at MHP, as Trusted Advisor.

How we assisted Deutsche Leasing

There are various reasons for the further development of the mobility business field: On the one hand, the trend towards electro-mobility and more flexible mobility services is resulting in new organizational and sales processes. On the other hand, there is a successive increase in demand for digital services as well as continuous, data-based monitoring of the organization, including all related processes. A further factor is the increasing requirements of customers satisfaction and economic efficiency.

As a first step, we at MHP joined forces with the Mobility Division of Deutsche Leasing AG, and developed a new, future-oriented sales strategy that will enable the company to transition from a simple fleet provider to a supplier of diverse mobility services. Following this, we subsequently reworked and implemented the process and structural organization in a follow-up project. This required us to conduct an end-to-end evaluation of the existing processes, identify weaknesses and assign these to individual process stages and process owners. In this way, we efficiently and decisively revised the process structures and developed them further for the future.

A further milestone was the drafting of a training concept for the future field of e-mobility leasing. To achieve this, we established five digital training modules, which communicated all key points and information.

Challenges of the project

As with every transformation, the comprehensive change management represented one of the greatest challenges of this project. This covered different hierarchies and sites and needed to take account of all necessary interface partners both inside and outside of the organization.

Key instruments for this journey were transformation coaching and diverse training sessions. These ensured that the staff of Deutsche Leasing AG can accompany this fundamental transformation and also accept the new processes.

A further aspect was the limitations arising from the international covid pandemic as well as the extreme increase in market dynamism in the area of e-mobility. Both these came into effect precisely during the roll-out of the new organization. The uppermost priority in this stage was not to lose the structures already put in place for the intended turn. The close and excellent cooperation – also remote – meant that these challenges could also be overcome, however.

More agile and cost flexible processes

The sales and organizational transformation have since been largely completed – and has resulted in a clearly enhanced perception of Deutsche Leasing AG in the field of modern mobility solutions as well as increased economic efficiency. Today, the new organization is significantly more agile and cost flexible. This is also evident in higher levels of satisfaction - amongst both clients and staff. The extensive change management measures and training particularly contributed to the new process structures enjoying a high level of acceptance with the teams of the mobility business unit.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Deutsche Leasing AG with our mobility and process know-how in this key transformation project. End-to-end and with our strong purpose: Enabling You To Shape A Better Tomorrow.


“MHP is both client and solution oriented, it knows how to act and communicate across all hierarchical levels and delivers the agreed outcomes in a professional, appropriate and timely manner. In addition, the consultants also approached us regularly with their own proposals. We would like to thank MHP for the collaboration thus far and will seek to maintain this interaction in the future.”

Dr. Hubertus Mersmann

Member of the Executive Board for Mobility at Deutsche Leasing AG