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Implementing an API management solution at Porsche AG

How MHP revolutionized data management

For businesses to succeed in their digital transformation, well-managed data access is a basic prerequisite. APIs (application programming interfaces) are the piece of the technology puzzle that make data available across platforms.  

Like many other companies, Porsche AG was faced with the challenge of optimizing and centralizing its extensive data management system. Consequently, the company began searching for a solution that would allow it to efficiently manage the data flow via APIs. Porsche’s subsidiary MHP, with its experience in management and IT consulting, proved to be a valuable partner and helped Porsche simplify its API management. 

In this success story, you’ll discover how MHP deployed the API management solution IBM API Connect, as well as learn about their holistic approach to digital transformation—both on-premises and in the cloud.

The goal: Simplifying complex API data management

Porsche AG needed a modern API management solution to manage its data more efficiently and transparently. In addition to the API management platform, a custom frontend portal was also developed, which featured 24/7 platform operation for critical APIs, according to DevOps standards.

Why Porsche AG chose MHP: Taking advantage of synergies

Porsche AG and MHP have worked together for many years. This allowed them to take advantage of synergies across multiple departments and platforms, and to view the project from a holistic perspective.  

The integrated approach meant that MHP not only assisted Porsche from the very beginning of its search for a suitable API platform — it also guided the mobility provider through the process of deploying the IBM API Connect solution. 

Step by step to the goal: A central platform for efficient API management

To successfully facilitate the complex API data management, the project was divided into five relevant milestones to be implemented step by step: 

  1. Identification of a suitable API management tool using a requirements matrix 

  2. Deployment of the selected tool IBM API Connect and development of a hybrid architecture ecosystem that supports both on-premise and cloud gateways in various regions 

  3. Establishment of an in-house developer portal for management of the API products using a self-service approach 

  4. Secure operation of the platform for critical production and finance-related API products 

  5. Quick onboarding of existing APIs via the IT system and projects to continually reduce the time to market

“MHP has been a reliable partner for Porsche AG in the IT integration domain for several years and has been a valuable support throughout the entire process of introducing API management. From comprehensive consultation in all phases, to the smooth implementation of the solution and the reliable operation of the platform, we have always been able to rely on the expertise of the product team.” 

Christos Chatzigeorgiou

Head of Data Integration & Central Functions Porsche AG

The implementation: From theory to practice

Lastly, MHP assisted Porsche in integrating the previously mentioned sub-steps into its business processes. 

1. Evaluation

First, MHP analyzed and tested various tools from multiple manufacturers. Strict security and regulatory requirements were key criteria during this process. The product IBM API Connect fulfilled all MHP and Porsche’s requirements, while also offering excellent scalability, quick roll-out, and an intuitive user interface. The path was paved for the integration of the new solution.

2. Development of a hybrid architecture

Once IBM API Connect had been selected, Porsche began integrating the tool into its internal software environment. The API management solution can be used with on-premise servers, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments—in other words, anywhere where data and applications from Porsche AG can be found. This allows API Connect to create a more transparent, data-oriented environment across the entire Porsche infrastructure.

3. Establishment of a project team using a DevOps approach

MHP assembled a variety of experts to create a project team for Porsche. These include DevOps developers for IBM API Connect along with Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure Cloud developers and frontend developers. The entire project team uses an agile organizational structure, while also supporting the business’s technical environment as per the DevOps approach.

4. Setting up the developer hub

In addition to establishing a DevOps approach, MHP and Porsche also set up their own developer hub. This provides self-service onboarding and API access as well as simplifying team management. The practical features allow employees to quickly get themselves up to speed so that they can benefit from the functionality across the entire API life cycle. 

MHP’s role in API deployment: A perfect match

From both a technical and a multi-vendor perspective, MHP was the ideal partner for the project, providing Porsche with key resources while developing the end-to-end approach.  

Porsche AG benefited from MHP’s technical expertise and familiarity with multiple manufacturers. Moreover, they got more than just a tech consultation: they gained a product team and a product owner as well. This will help to ensure the long-term success of the service.

More than just consulting: MHP’s role in deploying the API solution

To make future-proof concepts a reality, MHP consistently steps further and further outside the boundaries of simply “consulting”. The path to successful deployment of IBM API Connect was no different. In addition to consulting, MHP took on the following roles:

  • IT integration specialist and subject-matter expert

  • Project management and provision of a product owner and scrum master 

  • Agile project management aligned with the business strategy (SAFe framework) 

  • Service manager and DevOps including 24/7 availability for production-critical APIs 

  • IBM trusted advisor with silver partnership status and collaboration on the project 

The results: API management takes Porsche AG to a whole new level

The most important criteria and KPIs at a glance: 

  • Centralized API management that saves valuable time with self-service 

  • Over 150 teams providing and accessing API products 

  • An active community with more than 500 users supporting each other and exchanging knowledge 

  • A 300% increase in API calls on the platform within one year (from May 2022 to May 2023)  

  • A hybrid gateway architecture that makes the digital transformation possible: locally and in the cloud, in Europe and in Asia 

  • Increasing security through centralized, high standards 

Deployment of IBM API Connect: A milestone on the path to digital transformation

The Porsche case shows that the introduction of an API management platform—IBM API Connect in this case—offers sustainable, long-term benefits that can have a significant impact on a business’ success. A central API management platform accelerates development as well as the deployment of innovations. At the same time, the API gateway sets new standards for a company’s security and access controls. 

The IBM solution’s hybrid architecture ensures consistent scalability at all times. In addition, IBM API Connect simplifies analyses and monitoring within Porsche AG. The product team can work using agile methods and benefits from a DevOps and product ownership mindset. This makes it possible to meet the demands that various departments place on the platform. 

Other companies can also successfully manage their APIs and drive the digital transformation forward—with the help of the right solution.

“The IT integration landscape is currently undergoing significant changes - the demands on IT integration have fundamentally shifted. Teams want to independently develop, manage, and be accountable for their API interfaces. Simultaneously, they also need to know which API interfaces exist from other teams and how they can be utilized. This transformation is impossible without a good API management solution and must be accessible through a platform that everyone can use. As an MHP project manager, I am delighted by the trust Porsche AG has placed in us to manage the integration topic across various projects for years.” 

Matthias Wieland

MHP Project Manager

Revolution in API management: Driving innovation with the right platform

As a result of their collaboration, MHP and Porsche were able to successfully introduce IBM API Connect. They were also able to develop a central API management portal to efficiently provide and access API products in a hybrid ecosystem. 

Transformation, however, is never complete: Even after the API management platform was introduced, Porsche continued to develop it further, while the business was developed in parallel. This will ensure the platform’s long-term success. After managing all aspects of this project from end to end, MHP remains a long-term Porsche AG partner and will be responsible for operation of the hybrid API platform.

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