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Unlocking data silos to enable seamless interoperability

eccenca and MHP announce technological partnership for agile data use in mobility and manufacturing.

Leipzig / Ludwigsburg, September 13, 2021 – Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH (MHP) and the leading solution provider for semantic IT and data management solutions eccenca start cooperation. The collaboration is a direct response to the challenges in the automotive and manufacturing sector to establish interoperability of data across systems. It focuses on the scalable use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable the use and reuse of data across individual silos. eccenca will support MHP in building a scalable and powerful data operating system at their customers to ensure the requirements for automation, improved customer experiences and sustainable efficiency, using the knowledge graph-based platform for automated decision processing 'eccenca Corporate Memory'.

For the automotive industry in particular, volatile market developments for connected vehicles, autonomous driving and digital services are driving the demand for greater transparency and interoperability of all data. They are decisive competitive factors in manufacturing. New strategies such as operational excellence, closed-loop manufacturing, and data-driven product development and production planning are therefore in demand across all industries.

Christian Stapel, Partner for Data & Technology at MHP: "The transformation from a mere product provider to a service provider will only succeed, if cross-system data use can be leveraged. This applies to all industrial companies, but especially to the automotive and mobility sector. eccenca is a leading developer of solutions that seamlessly interlink data, enrich it with expert knowledge and bridge the gap between different networks and platforms. As a Porsche subsidiary and process supplier, MHP has been supporting IT transformations along the entire value chain for 25 years now with its combined consulting approach of management and IT consulting as well as an automotive and digitalization expert."

The eccenca Knowledge Graph platform 'eccenca Corporate Memory' enables the comprehensive management and provision of data in complex corporate ecosystems. It enables companies to clearly identify and access data regardless of its sources as well as to create transparency for all employees regarding its semantics, applicable business, usage and process rules. Expert and background knowledge can be directly linked to the data, thus ensuring a shared understanding across the company. With this, eccenca offers an enterprise-ready solution for both unlimited data integration and automated reasoning. Both functions are the basis for establishing advanced business intelligence and artificial intelligence applications in companies.

eccenca Corporate Memory functions as an enterprise-wide Data & Knowledge Operating System. It empowers organizations to digitalize expert and domain knowledge, manage complexity and make the right decisions for effective automation, reliable planning and better customer retention. Enterprise data becomes both machine-readable and interpretable by humans. This allows agility, autonomy and automation to be driven efficiently and transparently without having to change the existing IT infrastructure.

Hans-Christian Brockmann, CEO of eccenca: "MHP supports its customers to be at the forefront of their respective markets. Their industry knowledge in the automotive sector is second to none. This makes us all the more pleased to join MHP on the exciting journey of digital transformation for its customers."

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