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Stephan Baier joins MHP circle of partners

Stephan Baier joins MHP circle of partners.

Joint responsibility for restructuring the Customer Experience division since 1 July 2023

Ludwigsburg – The MHP Customer Experience cluster (CX) is currently being restructured. Since July 1st 2023, Stephan Baier has been responsible for restructuring the CX cluster as an MHP partner. Over the past four years, he has played a leading role in successfully shaping MHP's "immersive experience" portfolio.

The timing couldn’t be better: new technologies are opening up more and more exciting, increasingly integrated solutions to captivate customers on a long term basis. "If you look at the development of AI, Metaverse and Web3, we are currently experiencing very exciting times – and now as a partner I’m looking forward to initiating even more forward-looking changes in the interaction between companies and their customers," says Stephan Baier.

MHP is also the right partner for him: he particularly appreciates the fact that they always strive to be one step ahead and push the boundaries of what is possible. "MHP are enablers of entrepreneurship, creating an environment in which new potential is constantly being exploited – I’m really looking forward to implementing more innovative technologies together with our customers and taking the customer experience to a new level," he adds.

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