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Siemens presents MHP with an award

"Top European Alliance Partner” – awarded by Siemens

  • The management and IT consultancy MHP is awarded with being “Top European Alliance Partner” of Siemens in 2022
  • Siemens praises the cooperation in various areas and looks forward to future collaboration

Ludwigsburg – MHP is one of the most important European partners of Siemens. The Management und IT consultancy received the award due to its achievements in various areas: This includes – among others – the PLM full scope offering and a success story from the automotive tier 1 sector. Siemens explained that MHP can deliver in full process from start to finish within Siemens’ strong partner and supplier network. In doing so, MHP would manage to highlight Siemens’ unique selling proposition and success factors.

The company supports Siemens in its goal of a unique and long-term transformation. The partnership is to be continued and expanded. Siemens would like to expand its offering in the direction of Metaverse, Mendix and IloT in general, with MHP standing by its side and supporting its global presence. The award was presented by the Siemens Country Leader and the Alliance Team.

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