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  • Published on: 16.03.2023
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Elevate your AWS Cloud Container Solutions with MHP

Containers are a revolutionary technology that can solve a variety of problems in software development and deployment. With containers, you can easily package and run applications in a self-contained and isolated environment, reducing conflicts and ensuring consistency across different environments. Containers also offer portability and can maximize resource utilization, which makes them an ideal solution for modern software development.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) takes container technology to the next level by providing a fully managed container orchestration service that allows you to easily deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. With ECS, you can automate deployment and scaling, integrate with other AWS services, and reduce costs. ECS also offers enhanced security features to ensure that your applications are safe and secure.

Benefits of AWS Container Solutions

  • Fast Time to Market
    Rapidly develop and deliver new features and products while ensuring a consistent experience for customers across multiple environments. Ensure responsiveness and availability of your applications on a global scale.
  • Standardized Components:
    Build once, deploy many Easily deploy and operate containerized applications utilizing hardened and reusable components like CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure-as-Code definitions. Achieve even more agility for your product teams by providing self-service infrastructure using AWS Proton.
  • Reduced Risk & Maintenance Overhead
    Using AWS managed services in combination with serverless features allows you to focus on what matters: Building your application. Leverage the shared-responsibility model with state-of-the-art security tools to minimize security and compliance risks.

Why choose MHP as AWS Partner?

  • Strong Experience
    In-depth experience in Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and related services like AWS Fargate, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and even Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for K8S-based workloads.
    The MHP architects and engineers have an impressive track record of delivering successful solutions based on these AWS technologies. These aspects are coupled with strong expertise of the underlying container technologies and guarantee best-practice implementations in all container-based workloads.
  • Cloud Migration
    As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner with the Migration Competency, we can perfectly combine our knowledge of containerized applications with your Cloud Migration needs, as containers are a key technology for establishing and standardizing large-scale cloud migrations. In addition, we create synergies between migration and ECS as an underlying service. Learn more about our migration offerings here.
  • Comprehensive AWS Expertise from MHP
    MHP and AWS have been successfully working together since 2019, and a Strategic Collaboration Agreement was concluded in May 2022. Our consultants have already received over 400 certifications, proving just how familiar we are with the technologies and methods of AWS.

Common Use Cases for AWS Container Technologies

  • Scalability & Reliability
    Automatically run and scale your applications to precisely meet the workload demand and avoid over-provisioning while leveraging all availability and reliability benefits offered by the AWS cloud and its globally redundant infrastructure.
  • Application Migration
    Simplify the migration process to the cloud by containerizing your applications. Ensure compatibility without making significant code changes.
  • Standardize Operations
    Reuse standardized tooling for your operating tasks like monitoring, logging and deployments using CI/CD pipelines. Accelerate your SDLC by utilizing self-service tools like AWS Proton for service infrastructure provisioning.

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