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In the MHPLabs, we are working hard on the solutions of tomorrow: For our customers, with our customers.


MHP excellence has resulted in many awards

We are proud of our awards and use these to spur us on to become even better!


Excellent teamplayers

Successful as a team.


MHP goes international

We provide strategic and operational consultancy services and support to our customers at 13 locations worldwide (Germany l Switzerland l United Kingdom l USA l China l Romania).



Enabling you to shape the future.


Speed up your career

We offer unique career opportunities and a great name to go on your CV.


As a process supplier and a subsidiary of Porsche MHP is one of the leading consulting firms.

We want our customers to be successful. After all, their success is also our success. By providing excellent services, we help them to reach their goals.


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The Difference

Approach to consulting

Some offer IT consulting. Some offer management consulting. MHP delivers both in one.

Through the symbiosis of management and IT consulting, we significantly enhance the productivity of companies.


IT consulting only

Management consulting only

Management and IT consulting

Symbiosis of process + IT consulting

Leading the way through the symbiosis of process and IT consulting – across the entire value chain. With this unique consulting approach, we offer more than 250 renowned customers bith comprehensive IT competence and in-depth process know-how.

We also transfer strategic innovations from our core area, the automotive industry (manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and importers), to other sectors.

In short: our symbiosis is your added value.


Delivered, implemented, running. Processes just as ordered.

For us, the work is only done when the process is running perfectly – not just the IT.


Standard consulting


Process supplier

What does a process supplier actually do? First of all, it makes a difference. As a process supplier, we ensure your success by providing a comprehensive view of the process, the IT systems and the organization. We focus on efficient and effective implementation of Best Practice processes – in terms of both optimization and realization. We therefore deliver to you what you need: a finished and integrated complete process assisted by IT.

MHP – the process supplier

  • knows, understands and optimizes customer processes.
  • adapts Best Practice processes on site.
  • focuses on process goals.
  • deploys consultants as solution architects.
  • takes into account technical prerequisites.
  • employs the latest technologies.
  • considers change management requirements.

Added value

  • assured project and process success.
  • more efficient and more effective process implementation.
  • problem-free interaction of processes, organization and IT.
  • acceptance and living processes.


Many try to be excellent. But for us, excellence is our corporate philosophy.

100% performance is merely the basis which we can move to a higher gear.


Normal consulting



We do not just pay lip service to excellence – excellence is our philosophy. We believe in values and the 'excellence principle'.

Excellence is the driving force behind our consulting services. This means that we provide the highest quality advice, act with a high degree of professionalism and work as partners with our customers. We naturally also ensure that we take into account bilateral economic conditions.
We therefore continuously develop and improve ourselves. The proof: our membership in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and our current excellence level, 'Recognized for Excellence'.

As a successful process and IT consultancy firm, we provide you with excellent services, by which we are happy to be judged. We are proud to back this up with our name – MHP.

Grafik Excellence


The automotive industry is new terrain for many consultants. For us it is a homecoming.

Our roots, expertise and experience makes us No. 1 in the automotive field.


without MHP

with MHP

Automotive competence

Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP) is the automotive expert among process and IT consultants. Why? Because we ...

  • ... are the only consultancy firm to focus almost exclusively on the automotive industry (manufacturers/suppliers/dealers/importers).
  • ... were awarded 1st place in an independent image study for automotive competence out of all the IT consultancy firms in Germany.
  • ... are, as 1st Special Expertise Partner SAP for Automotive, the strategic partner of SAP for all things automotive.
  • ... can boast more than 150 satisfied automotive customers with a wealth of references.
  • ... as a Porsche subsidiary and through our focus on the automotive industry, we do not just think and act Automotive, we are Automotive.

Other sectors also benefit from this automotive process competence as we transfer strategic innovations and Best Practice solutions to them.


Well-known names are an important selling point. 100% repeat business even more so.

We can provide a whole of excellent references that speak on our behalf.


Our more than 250 customers include

0 %
100 %
of the german top 100
commercial enterprises
more than 90%
of the german top 25
automotive suppliers

Customers / References

Our goal is not just to satisfy our customers – we want to fill them with enthusiasm. We appear to be quite successful at this: repeat commissions and further recommendation are at 100%.

For us, mutual trust is the basis of a successful and long-term partnership. Only in this way can true win-win relationship be created. To date, more than 250 renowned customers within and outside the automotive industry rely on us and our solution. For us, this means that they recognize and value our services. This is also why we are especially pleased about the results of our customer satisfaction survey. It shows that we have been able to live and realize our high standards in practice.

Our customer base currently includes...

  • 1/3 of the German Top 100 commercial enterprises (by turnover),
  • 6 automotive manufacturers and serveral truck/commercial vehicle manufacturers,
  • 35 of the world's largest automotive suppliers,
  • more than 90% of the German Top 25 automotive suppliers,
  • a wealth of car dealer groups and importers,
  • 50 world market leaders and
  • more than 250 companies.


What makes us different? We are your process supplier. How do we do that?

Firstly through our approach to consulting: the symbiosis of management and IT consulting. We know your processes and optimize them using IT – and we are not satisfied until your process is running reliably and efficiently.

Secondly, we are automotive experts, a field in which high process competence is critical. We can also apply our “best-in-class” know-how and our strategic innovations to other industries too. More than 300 satisfied customers from around the world profit from this.

The basis for this is the MHPExcellence model – quality, professionalism, partnership and profitability. For a successful and future-oriented cooperation with you.

The Performance

Management Consulting

MHP offers you strategy, organization and process consulting. Our management consulting approach is the answer to the questions and challenges that move our customers. more

System Integration

MHP offers you a combination of specialist expertise and strong implementation. We attach importance to the implementability of innovative processes, organization forms and models in IT-based systems in an integrated manner. more

Managed Services

MHP offers you continuous support and optimization of your productive processes. Reduced IT budgets, increasing operational requirements, greater process complexity – nothing is becoming easier. Or is it? more

Business Solutions

MHP offers you ready-packaged process solutions in accordance with the best practice approach. Our business solutions are solutions consisting of standardized and individual services, as well as optionally configurable MHP software, as required. more

The Competence

Comprehensive consulting portfolio across the entire value chain.

We want our customers to be successful. After all, their success is also our success. By providing excellent services, we help them to reach their goals.

We offer customers a comprehensive and integrated service portfolio — from definition and introduction of processes, through implementation, development and integration of the appropriate applications and technologies, up to continuous support and optimization of the completed solution.


Want a look under the hood of MHP? Watch our MHPFilms.

The Digitalization

The future prospects of the industry and the challenges of our customers are the focus of MHP.

Together, we search for answers and provide solutions for the future. Central topics are "Digitalization" and "Digital Transformation".

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The economy is currently in the midst of radical changes - mainly attributable to digitalization. In the digitalized world we make purchases online on all continents, we stay in contact with other people via Messenger, and we book our taxis using our smartphones. Business models are changing rapidly. Companies have to undergo constant transformation if they do not want to lose the connection.

The Digitalization

From Agile Organization to Sustainable Mobility

The Career

You could work for a top automotive company. Or for many of them – with MHP.

We offer unique career opportunities and a great name to go on your CV.




Our people have made MHP what we are today, namely the leading process and IT consulting firm in the German automotive market. Our vision, however, is to develop MHP into a leading process and IT consulting firm in the global automotive market. In the future, we want to transfer our strategic innovations to other sectors and continue to expand the MHP team. We need employees, who believe in this vision and are passionate about shaping the future of MHP in order to achieve this strategic objective. It is only if we all play our part that we will be able to achieve this objective together.

MHP JobLocator

The easiest way to learn more about the interesting career opportunities at MHP is via our Job Locator or a convincing unsolicited application.

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