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Driving digital and sustainable value creation with Cloud Computing

From Value Creation to Value Enhancement: Transforming Business Processes with a Holistic Cloud Strategy

In a dynamic and increasingly digital business world, it is crucial for companies not only to create value, but also to increase it continuously. A holistic cloud strategy provides the necessary tools and platforms to make business processes more efficient, scalable and agile.

By integrating modern cloud solutions, companies can not only reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, but also develop innovative business models and tap into new market potential.

A successful cloud transformation requires a holistic approach that integrates technology, strategy and corporate culture to avoid resistance, technical discrepancies and missing synergies.

Accelerate your transformation - smoothly, securely and cost-effectively. 

Cloud Strategy: Success Factor for Digital Transformation

The success of digital transformation depends on the precise, individual and strategic alignment of business goals and technology. Only by synchronizing business and technical objectives is it possible to smoothly plan and seamlessly integrate cloud solutions while ensuring interoperability and data consistency.

We support you in this transformation from the outset, taking into account critical compliance and security requirements and significantly increasing efficiency and costs in the process.

MHP Success Story: Digitalized healthcare – KVBW focuses on IT efficiency & agility

Modern IT infrastructure as a game changer for the Baden-Württemberg Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians thanks to MHP.

KVBW was faced with the challenge of renewing its large software stack for its self-developed software. The outdated framework, which is used to bill and process payments from health insurance companies to doctors in Baden-Württemberg and to digitally map administrative processes with doctors, was to be replaced by modern Spring Boot and Angular apps. An on-premise environment was chosen for better protection of health data. This is where MHP came into play and supported KVBW with comprehensive expertise in containerization, DevOps and Kubernetes to provide the best possible infrastructure.

MHP x KVBW Success Story

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From Cloud-Ready to Cloud-Driven: Enabling Cultural Change Within the Organization

Fully realizing the potential of the cloud requires more than just its implementation: it requires a profound development of the corporate culture.

The transition to a digital mindset is supported and promoted by the targeted persuasion of stakeholders and the training of employees in modern working methods. In this way, the cloud is not only integrated, but actively lived in day-to-day work. 

MHP Success Story: Global Efficiency Implemented Locally – The SAP Success Story of ContiTech

ContiTech, one of the three business divisions of Continental, is a leading provider of development and materials expertise for a wide range of products and systems made of rubber, plastic, metal, and fabric for various industries.

At the heart of the company's digitalization strategy is SAP software, a crucial component that not only streamlines and optimizes business processes but also sustainably strengthens ContiTech's position as a trusted global industry partner.

For this reason, MHP has been a long-standing partner of ContiTech since 2017, providing comprehensive Application Management Services (AMS) for all SAP systems.

MHP x ContiTech Success Story

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MHP Blog: IT Management & SAP Digital Manufacturing

Operating Securely and Scalably in New Spheres

Migrating to the cloud confronts companies with numerous challenges. These include security and data protection concerns, cost control and the complex integration of legacy systems. Companies also need to ensure the performance and availability of their applications around the clock and manage large volumes of data efficiently. The lack of expertise and resources and the risk of vendor lock-in require strategic modernization planning and the use of multi-cloud approaches where appropriate. We work closely with leading hyperscalers who provide the secure and scalable infrastructure to meet these requirements.     

MHP Blog: AAS – How the Asset Administration Shell Is Shaping the Future of Digital Twins

Using the Asset Administration Shell to create a digital representation of an asset. Discover AAS’ uses, benefits, and submodels.

Digital twins are revolutionizing the way organizations create, monitor, and optimize their physical assets, processes, and resources. But what makes digital twins so revolutionary, and why is it now the right time for companies to take this digital step?

The key element for success is the consistent standardization of digital twins, especially with regard to the structuring of model components and interfaces.

AAS: What is the Asset Administration Shell?

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Björn Kasten, Partner at MHP

"We experience first-hand how crucial the cloud is for our customers' sustainable transformation and future success. Thanks to our close partnership with customers and cloud service providers as well as our in-depth technological understanding, we support companies throughout their entire transformation process. Organizational and technical changes are actively supported to create a holistic, future-proof organization. In this way, we ensure that our customers can operate efficiently and, above all, successfully in the digital future."

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Georg Botos, Partner at MHP

"Cloud technologies are revolutionizing almost all existing business models and thus changing entire industries. With our expertise in IT and industrial applications, we combine technological innovations with market opportunities, increase efficiency, and create new ways of adding value. By comprehensively supporting our customers on their cloud journey, we secure their competitive advantages in the long term and enable companies to achieve sustainable success. Our work ensures that companies become more agile, efficient, and future-proof. This vision motivates us every day."

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