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Graduates – Sales

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The Interface between Customers and Consultants: Our Sales Team.

Is networking part of your DNA? Were business issues your favorite part of your studies? If so, you are a perfect match for our sales team. Join us and shape the future of the mobility and manufacturing sector.

Your challenge is to spot new business trends at the same time as understanding our customers’ needs in detail. Working with our consultants, you will pave the way for pioneering end-to-end solutions.

What you studied and where you have already worked is less important to us than strong communication and sales skills. Show us that you are a flexible, IT-savvy team player and keen to jump straight in as soon as you graduate.

Have we got a thumbs up from you? Join us and excel.

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  • Career Levels & Milestones

    Learn about your development opportunities at MHP. Simply swipe to the left to get started.
  • 01 Junior Account Executive

    You are the type of person who is keen to take on responsibility and good at networking. Our junior level is your first step toward a promising sales career. We’re always impressed by candidates with strong communication and IT skills.
  • 02 Account Executive

    You play a key role in the sales division and have already built a network of customers and colleagues who value you as a skilled contact and intermediary. Now you’re looking for opportunities to consistently develop your network and customer relationships.
  • 03 Senior Account Executive

    You are well-established in your role as a Senior Account Executive. You lead and coach new team members in addition to your key tasks of managing and developing key accounts and positioning MHP as a preferred supplier. Your close relationship with our consultants and your understanding of our business are essential in your work.
  • 04 Sales Director

    Your past successes and years of experience working with international customers and acquisitions have got you to where you are today. As a Sales Director, you are one of the top experts working on the strategic development of MHP and you have an impressive network of contacts that includes some of our C-level customers.
  • 05 Partner

    You may be at the top of the ladder, but this does not mean that it’s the end of your opportunities for development. Our Partners tackle numerous other challenges that allow them to excel.

Learning & Development

Training and learning on the job – the best method for growth.

Learning is not just a buzzword for us; it’s an essential part of our culture. Every team member has a chance to continue their development at MHP. Our learning experience always accounts for the challenges of the future, our current setup, industry-specific trends and, of course, your personal goals and expectations. 

As part of our sales team, your key focus will be deepening your understanding of our consulting services business. A well-rounded perspective is what it takes to get your own career and our customers on the right track for the future. 

Start your learning journey with us. In addition to specialist and technical input, we offer soft skills training and you can continuously upgrade your skill set using our digital learning platforms and by attending specialist conferences. Our internal events are another great opportunity for discussing ideas with colleagues. We believe that professional training and learning by doing is the best way to rapidly increase your expertise.

Benefits & Life Balance

  • Mobility

    We make it easy for you to travel for work or private use with BahnCards, cars, team rideshares or public car-sharing services. Choose the option that suits your lifestyle.

  • Team Events

    We regularly organize team events, such as the MHPFestival and MHPExperience, to give everyone an opportunity to network, share ideas, celebrate and bond. Save the date.

  • Flexibility

    … is essential for us and beneficial for you: We trust you to work the hours that suit your role and workload, whether you do that from home, in the office or when visiting customers. Coordinate with your team so that they know where to find you.

  • Sabbatical

    We support the choices you make about your work-life balance, even if this means you decide to take a long period away from work. Go and find yourself.

  • JobRad

    Stay fit and protect the environment: Get on your bike with us – for business or leisure. Simply choose your dream bike, lease it from MHP, and go!

  • Internationality

    We are becoming more global. How about you? At MHP, you can work on international project assignments in 16 offices around the world. Grow global.

  • Duty of Care

    Every MHP office has been designed to include flexible workspaces, café bars and healthy snacks for the best balance between work and well-being. Enjoy your work.

  • Sport & Health

    We promote a healthy lifestyle in a variety of ways, such as organizing action days, having our own sports teams, providing ergonomic furniture and offering gym membership discounts. Stay healthy.

  • MHP Spirit

    MHP Spirit is about treating each other as equals and working together in a relaxed way: All MHP employees get to experience and influence the dynamism and flexibility of a growing company. Just feel it.

  • Salaries & Incentives

    We always reward excellent performance and we love to celebrate a successful year together as a team. Be part of MHP.

  • MHP Deals

    Enjoy discounted prices with MHP Corporate Benefits, at the Porsche Selection Shop and for MHP Riesen. Ka-ching!

  • Insurance

    Foresight is better than hindsight – being an MHP employee entitles you to discounted insurance offers from HDI. Be safe.

  • Diversity

    We work together to create an environment that promotes diverse thought and equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, culture or background. Be you, be different.

  • Equipment

    Our business simply would not work without all the equipment we’ve come to rely on. Depending on the requirements of each project and role, all MHP employees receive an iPhone, different laptops. Stay connected.

  • Hybrid Work

    Hybrid Work is our daily life. In order for you to be excellently equipped at home, we got you covered with a bonus payment for a smooth start at MHP. Get ready for remote work!

  • Family Life

    We are team players – on the job and at home. That is why we support our parents with childcare allowances, flexible work hours as well as parental and caregiver leave.

Daily Life & Teaming

Your first job – exciting times! We support you from day one with initiatives like the MHPMentor program to help you settle into life at MHP. So, what does our daily routine involve?

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