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Next Level Painting

The paint industry meets digitalization with paint_it. Experience optimized processes, improved quality and sustainable results.

  • The challenge: Rising energy costs and a general desire for greater sustainability mean the industry is facing considerable challenges – how can painting processes be made more efficient? Digitalization can help here, but the market is hard to understand: There are many solutions and tools available, but companies are often forced to use multiple tools to comprehensively map the complex painting process. Some companies even develop their own software solutions, though this approach is very labor intensive and can result in significant additional work during the ongoing operational phase.
  • The solution: A digital all-in-one solution for the paint shop: paint_it automates data collection and analysis for quality assurance, which streamlines painting processes and leverages resources efficiently. The solution improves quality control and reduces material and energy consumption.
  • Our approach: MHP presents a tailor-made solution for digital transformation and quality assurance in the paint shop. Our process-optimization, digitization and quality-management specialists are with you from the initial idea to the complete implementation. In our MHPDeepDive in November, we highlight the path to the digital paint shop and show how you can design your processes in a future-proof manner.

The paint industry is on the verge of a digital and sustainability revolution. Advanced technologies like paint_it open up new possibilities, not only for process optimization but also for setting up CO₂neutral and sustainable production. Intelligent software solutions enable efficient data collection and analysis, revealing previously hidden value and potential for cost savings and quality assurance. The result is a paradigm shift toward more efficient, higher-quality and, above all, more sustainable painting processes that benefit both the company and the environment.
Managers and specialists from the painting sector, such as heads of paint shops or quality managers, benefit from in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and sustainability in their industry.

In our November MHPDeepDive we guide you through the technical facets of paint_it and outline the implementation process. Find out what advantages and added value paint_it has for your production and also for sustainability. In addition, we present our future roadmap for paint_it, including topics such as process parameters, closed-loop procedures and recommendations for digital quality assurance.


  • Moritz Gessner
    Product Manager paint_it

  • Sebastian Kraft 
    Senior Account Executive paint_it

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