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Safe innovation design – Cyber Security.
Our world is becoming increasingly networked and relies on digital technologies. This accelerates and simplifies many processes, but also makes them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. As a digitization expert, MHP supports its customers in all aspects of cyber security and makes their products or services secure - from the conception of a security strategy to its implementation.

Cyber security requirements for enterprises
The cyber attacks of recent years have clearly demonstrated how vulnerable our dependence on digital products, services and information makes us - both private and corporate. Cyber security is rightly becoming more and more one of the core tasks of digitally oriented companies.

For us it is clear: Safety measures have to already be considered in the conception and design phase. In the beginning, it is vital to develop risk analyzes and viable defense strategies. It should go one step further by establishing a holistic Secure Lifecycle Management for all digital services and product solutions. This is the only way to efficiently reduce the risk of cyber attacks for companies and their products in the long term. Of course, regulatory requirements must be taken into account in this process.

Why MHP is the right Cyber Security partner
With MHP we approach Cyber Security with a holistic approach - strategically and technologically. Our customers are supported with individual isolated measures such as penetration tests, risk audits or the validation of regulatory obligations as well as the implementation of cybersecurity technologies. Much more, we think of digital security in terms of the overall strategic orientation of a company. In addition, we also offer support in the accompanying marketing around this essential topic.

Our broad-based Cyber Security excellence has a good reason: We work together with experts from various fields. Cybersecurity professionals with SAP, digitization, automotive and mobility know-how bring their expertise to us.

It is particularly important to us that Cyber Security should not be an obstacle to innovation or strong customer orientation. Our goal is to develop products and services that are secure, easy to use, sellable, and profitable.

Secure your digital business of today and tomorrow - with MHP!

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