Intelligent Technology

End-to-end-integration of all processes with MHP

The seamless integration of various IT applications is an important success factor for efficient and reliable business processes. Based on SAP S/4HANA, our MHP portfolio offers a wide range of integration solutions. Our aim: full end-to-end consistency of all systems in use.

Classic and modern integration solutions.

For many of our customers SAP S/4HANA forms the digital hub of all their key business processes. Yet in most cases to achieve optimum and automated operation further internal systems need to be integrated and documents exchanged with business partners or cloud solutions. Drawing on our extensive integration expertise we ensure seamless processes across all system boundaries.

With SAP S/4HANA as basis, further SAP backend systems are deployed – with both classic integration technologies such as IDoc/ALE, RFC and CIF and modern technologies such as web services via SOAP Runtime, ABAP Proxy or native HANA integration (smart data access). In this instance, we opt for both standardized interfaces and monitoring via SAP Application Interface Framework (SAP AIF) and our own customizable best practice monitoring solution.

Our long-standing project experience ensures the end-to-end linking of systems in-house (EAI) and beyond their network boundaries (EDI/B2B). Besides SAP Process Integration/Orchestration (SAP PI/PO), we also employ other proven solutions.

With the help of the SAP Cloud Platform we will also be happy to integrate your cloud-based applications via SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

Our portfolio comprises further services including user integration and ODATA via the SAP Gateway Server, IoT device integration via SAP Cloud Platform Services and the implementation of interfaces for API management.

Side-by-side scenarios or the expansion of your business processes with the SAP Cloud Foundry, Neo or ABAP environment is another element of the MHP portfolio that prepares your IT environment for future innovations.

Why MHP is the right partner for integration & development

We have adopted a holistic integration approach to integrating customers' business processes for more than 20 years.In doing so, we take into account the various integration domains, technologies and project phases. Our approach is end-to-end, scalable and life-long. With our process and technology know-how, we offer you a full integration service from a one-stop shop – from strategy, architecture and governance to technical design, implementation and testing through to roll-out and application management.

We regard transformation not only as a chance to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes, but also as an enabler of innovation, paving the way to your technological future.

We work with broad-based expert teams throughout the project cycle, in very close and partnerly cooperation with you. Depending on the project phase, we use both agile and conventional procedures.

Take advantage of an optimum solution that covers all your company's integration requirements and of our excellent, qualified end-to-end consulting services.

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