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Successful CFO Transformation – based on SAP

At MHP we firmly believe that CFO organization plays a pivotal role in the success of digital transformation. That is why we also support our customers in this area – end-to-end, from conception and strategy through to international roll-out. When it comes to implementation, we prefer high-end solutions from SAP for good reason.

Dovetailed finance and controlling processes are essential criteria for a company's long-term success. For many years now, SAP has been offering innovative, internationally proven software solutions that can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

As a long-standing SAP partner, we possess extensive expertise in both the SAP ECC and S/4HANA worlds, for on-premises and cloud solutions. Our focus is always on an integrated system-based implementation of the company's strategic goals. Together with our customers, we break down these goals into individual process steps which we optimize as part of our end-to-end focus. We think that it is important not to regard processes and problems in isolation, but to address them within an overall context.

Our finance solutions at a glance

In the finance area especially we offer scalable end-to-end template solutions for the full-scale introduction of SAP as well as changing over existing SAP set-ups to S/4HANA. Based on our modular principle, proven roll-out methods and a wealth of best practice experiences, we can quickly progress your finance transformation. In doing so, we take into account all country-specific and legal requirements.

By integrating SAP Treasury Management functions into existing system architectures we help our customers to manage their finances efficiently, while also complying with increasing regulatory and processual requirements. In detail, this includes the roll-out of cash and liquidity management, electronic statements, digital payments and bank relationship management.

Our holistic approach naturally also covers all essential logistical aspects such as purchasing, production and sales processes. We have also developed our own proven solutions for optimizing logistical auditing, material assessment and GR/IR processes, and are an experienced partner for innovations in the finance sector. For new technologies like robotics process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain can also be deployed profitably in the SAP environment. We offer innovation workshops for these areas, during which we develop possible operational scenarios together.

Our controlling solutions at a glance

Besides finance, we also implement diverse solutions to ramp up all key controlling processes for the future, with integrated real-time analyzing, for example. S/4HANA embedded analytics and BI/BW functions pave the way to modern controlling models for financial management control and integrated controlling and planning processes. We aim to take company-wide strategic, tactical and operative planning to new heights, especially in the areas of finance, corporate and group planning, forecasting and revenue, personnel and sales planning.

In addition, when it comes to material ledgers, we provide a corresponding quantity and value flow, which can be analyzed and used to generate data for subsequent actual cost calculations. Based on diverse reports, we help our customers to perform comprehensive, real-time analyses of inventory valuations. Using other tools such as material price analysis, all documents posted for a material can be clearly displayed at any time.

We also help design modern product cost planning and calculation processes. Drawing on sound expertise, we organize the integration of manufacturing costing, product costing and cost unit accounting into "plan-to-control" end-2-end processes. Complementing this, we design and implement controlling models for key figure-based controlling approaches in production and manufacturing.

Why MHP is the right partner for your CFO Transformation with SAP

For more than 20 years our mobility and manufacturing customers have benefited from our unique combination of IT, management and process consulting. As an SAP implementation partner favoring an end-to-end approach, we draw on an extensive network of SAP process and technology experts and an abundance of experience from countless successful projects in the SAP ERP and S/4HANA environment. Our portfolio brims with SAP best-practice solutions.

Thanks to the integrated MHP approach our customers are provided with everything from a one-stop shop: solutions for integrated value flows in the digital supply chain, sourcing and shop floor systems, finance and accounting. As a roll-out partner we offer extensive global design know-how to harmonize processes and master data.

In our MHPLabs we also develop prototypes to visualize technical solution approaches that give our customers a feel for the finished product at the conception stage.

Secure your basis for a successful, future-focused CFO organization – we look forward to supporting you with state-of-the-art solutions from SAP and our holistic conception and implementation expertise.

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