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Industry 4.0 Barometer 2020

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The Industry 4.0 Barometer 2020 highlights the different areas and facets of the digital transformation.

As far as industrial production is concerned, the past year has vividly demonstrated that a successful digital transformation to the Smart Factory will not only be crucial to the success of many companies over the next few years, but also vital for their survival.

The Industry 4.0 Barometer builds on our holistic approach by highlighting the different areas and facets of the digital transformation. These range from strategy, the use of technologies and the performance of IT infrastructure right through to the drivers and challenges associated with the rollout of Industry 4.0 solutions, as well as topics such as 5G and cloud services. The annual survey allows us to keep a close eye on changes in the Industry 4.0 maturity level and the potential for improvement, as well as to identify industry trends. We hope that reading the Industry 4.0 Barometer 2020 is a pleasurable experience for you.

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