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Hybrid Work

How hybrid working models promote innovation, improve cooperation, and make companies more resilient

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More flexibility and individuality through hybrid work

Home office, incidence values and pandemic are terms that have been shaping our daily lives for many months, and Employee Experience and so-called Chief Happiness Officers now conjure up a clear picture in our minds. In the context of the pandemic, countless companies are struggling with existential fears or have had to set up home office structures at a breathtaking pace. Now they face a major decision: strive for a similar condition as before the pandemic, or see the challenges of the past year as an opportunity for a "Better Tomorrow"? Because the ladder brings with it a decisive paradigm shift - the possibility of a hybrid workplace with the prospect of greater flexibility and individuality in everyday working life.

So where do we go from here, and what will happen to us and our companies next year? The year after that? Five years from now? Find out the concrete answers and the inspiring success story of the transformation at Porsche in our latest white paper on the topic of "Hybrid Work".

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