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The Mechanical Engineer's Dilemma

Three levers do drive innovative strength in Germany´s mechanical engineering sector

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The Mechanical Engineering Sector Faces Tremendous Challenges – Lack of Innovation Drive and Traditional Thinking Hinder Competitiveness

The German mechanical engineering sector, once one of the strongest export industries in Germany, is facing tremendous challenges. Lack of competitiveness and intense competitive pressure are putting companies under strain. Additionally, there is significant transformation pressure due to high energy prices, further burdening the industry. Outdated processes and thinking, as well as rigid bureaucratic structures, prevent German mechanical engineering from becoming competitive again. There is lack of innovative strength – or rather, lack of will to innovate. 

However, there are solutions to this crisis. A change in mentality is urgently needed to differentiate oneself from strong competitors. Companies must focus on customers and develop digital competencies. It's time for a new approach and a transformation of the industry. 

Additionally, there is the enormous competence problem the industry faces, which is due to a shortage of skilled workers, a decline in mechanical engineering students, and a lack of apprentices. These factors indicate that urgent measures need to be taken. 

This whitepaper explores what German mechanical engineers should do now to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers and to sustainably survive in a globally competitive market.

Central Questions in our Whitepaper

  • Is the competitiveness of the German mechanical engineering sector still assured?
  • Why is it crucial for German mechanical engineers to act now, and how should they proceed?
  • Which strategic areas should be addressed, and what approach is promising?
  • What key competencies are necessary to develop competitive solutions?
  • What tools and support systems are required to provide competitive solutions?
  • How can unique selling points, as exemplified by Liebherr and Bosch Manufacturing Solutions, be developed?
  • Where and how can meaningful cost savings be realized?

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