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Enabling A New Flexibility Of Production

How Machinery Manufacturers and Producers Can Benefit from Asset-as-a-Service Models

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Profitable implementation of asset-as-a-service models

Companies will no longer need to buy their manufacturing machines in the future, instead they could "pay-per-use" with the application of Asset-as-a-Service models.  Especially in times of crisis, it is a problem for companies to pay off high costs for machines despite decreasing revenues and demand. Innovative pay-per-use financing models such as Asset-as-a-Service provide a solution. They offer manufacturing companies vast opportunities such as improved customer centricity or enhanced diversification of their product portfolios. Manufacturing companies also benefit from asset-as-a-service models, as they can invest in other economic sectors.  Despite these various advantages, many companies struggle to integrate this business model due to specific challenges and high complexity.

Would you like to find out how you can overcome these challenges and profitably implement an Asset-as-a-Service model in your company? Then dive right into our white paper!

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