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A new level of transparency for all business processes

Success Story Jägermeister

One company, several winning formulas

No other spirit enjoys such cult status in the international bar, club, and culinary scene as Jägermeister. In 2019 alone, more than 100 million bottles of the premium liqueur were sold globally. However, Jägermeister’s winning formula does not just consist of its unique 56-herb mix of flowers, roots and fruits. In fact, its team of around 1,000 “Jägermaster’s” also played a critical role in this. ​"We are social, informal, team-oriented and constantly striving for unconventional ideas,"​ is how the company describes its culture. And now — together with MHP — the cooperation between Jägermeister’s international teams has become more efficient and transparent than ever before.

Though the Jägermeister teams were already well-rehearsed, the company wished for a more comprehensive end-to-end and real-time portrayal of its central business processes. The various process levels that had grown within its existing ERP landscape only allowed for limited conclusions on the efficiency of the entire process. In fact, it was only possible to focus on separate processes, meaning that the reasoning behind inefficiencies could only be evaluated selectively. Additionally, awareness levels towards certain process standards varied among employees. This meant that processes were implemented and established to different degrees of detail — and that deviations from the set standards were sometimes only identified considerably later.

A complete process overview through a Digital Process Twin

In order to anchor the lean management concept more firmly throughout the entire company, Jägermeister demonstrated a truly pioneering spirit and relied on the development of an innovative, technology-based model, our data analytics process analysis. By doing this, time-consuming employee surveys, extensive observations and manual evaluations of the classic process analysis and optimization could become a thing of the past. In close cooperation with the Jägermeister team and process mining specialists from Celonis, we developed a new pilot process platform. With the help of real-time data, it enables a new level of transparency across various processes within the organization.

The central element is a "Digital Process Twin" — this twin automatically maps the current process landscape of Mast-Jägermeister SE on the basis of process mining and a harmonized data model. At the same time, new KPI indicators were defined in order to both compare target and actual values of selected processes in the daily operations and be able to make better decisions for their optimization, faster. In the specially developed "Process Dashboard", Jägermeister now receives a fast and clear overview of complex processes in the company or chosen individual units. Now, they have end-to-end analysis which dramatically increases their ability to act while giving them greater awareness of the influences in operational changes.

The challenges of the project

During the six-month agile-organized project period, many challenges needed to be addressed. When developing the “Digital Process Twin”, an extremely diverse set of technological possibilities, methodological tools and available input variables had to be linked to create a consistently coherent procedure model. On top of that, it was necessary to combine different modellings and to build a harmonised data model for the existing SAP modules. In doing so, Jägermeister can now cultivate new efficiency potentials from previously unused metadata of separate activities.

In a further “data-to-action” step, relevant KPIs were derived for all process levels. The challenge was to break down the aggregated data to a depth of detail that was as logical as it was meaningful for the various fields of action. Thanks to that target-group-friendly und user-centered representation, this new platform has the potential to become the “Single Source of Truth” within the organization. 

The basis for lean management

Through automated, process-spanning data management and the new Process Dashboard, the Jägermeister teams have been granted maximum transparency across all relevant business processes in a very short time. In fact, our own estimates reveal that the new Data Analytics process analysis requires only a quarter of the effort compared to the classic methods.

The new set-up is also the prerequisite to sustainably reduce process and time costs while being able to embody a leaner approach across a broader scope. From now on, inefficiencies can be detected at an early stage to allow for faster countermeasures. Furthermore, the technological basis developed by MHP is open to add-on innovations: In the future, additional systems and AI analyses can be integrated, too.

In the spirit of our purpose: Enabling You To Shape A Better Tomorrow.


"With the "Digital Process Twin", and especially with the experience gained from the joint project, we at Jägermeister have now been able to build up a toolset that supports the monitoring of stable processes and increasingly helps in the design and assessment of planned process changes. This significantly increases efficiency - especially in the early phases of such projects."

Klaus Gerke

Head of Global IT, Mast Jägermeister SE