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MHP FleetExecuter in action at Jungheinrich

Onboarding successfully completed: The MHP FleetExecuter controls systems such as the Jungheinrich high-lift truck independently of the manufacturer via a VDA5050 standard interface - this makes fleet management in intralogistics much easier.

Proof of Concept – Automation in Intralogistics

  • Manufacturer-independent control software based on the VDA5050 standard
  • Enables simultaneous use of vehicles of different types and makes
  • Supports high level of automation in intralogistics

Ludwigsburg – With FleetExecuter, the management and IT consultancy MHP has developed an innovative software solution for fleet management in the logistics industry, which is already being applied successfully at Jungheinrich, a leading intralogistics solution provider. There, the FleetExecuter controls the EKS21a, the first self-supporting high-lift truck, which ensures efficient mixed operations in warehouse and production. It uses its real-time visualisation capabilities to display both the position of the vehicle and the planned route. It also accesses a wide variety of control situations mapped on a VDA 5050 basis, such as picking up loading aids close to the floor and delivering them to a multi-level pallet rack.

In order to develop further use cases, the MHP FleetExecuter and the Jungheinrich EKS215a are also in use at the MHP test centre in Freiberg am Neckar. Those interested can drop by at any time to experience and test the interaction between software and mobile industrial robot live.

The FleetExecuter’s advanced concept enables manufacturer-independent control and monitoring of mobile robots. A standardised VDA5050 interface is used for communicating with the automated vehicles. By planning and controlling fleet operations efficiently, FleetExecuter contributes to an overall increase in efficiency and productivity and enables customers to make optimal use of fleet resources. "Customers can achieve efficiency gains of up to 20 per cent and a return on investment in less than 18 months," says Dr Julian Popp, Associated Partner at management and IT consultancy MHP.

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