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Process Automation: Increased Automation Power Thanks to AI!

Presentation of individual RPA and AI tools and illustration using concrete use cases

  • The challenge: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows further optimization of a whole range of business processes – the potential is huge. However, it is often not so easy to use this technology and harness its potential benefits in practice.
  • The solution: Generative Artificial Intelligence gives RPA-based intelligent automation a real boost. AI closes the gaps left by conventional bots in terms of automation.
  • Our approach: We will use specific use cases to familiarize you with how you can use artificial intelligence for intelligent automation today. We also show what you should pay attention to in terms of data protection and susceptibility to errors.

For a long time, clearly structured processes and data were a prerequisite if you wished to automate processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) represents a fundamental change to this, as the technology mimics human behavior. For example, a bot can use a practice known as “document understanding” to find all relevant information on an invoice, regardless of its format.

The potential of RPA is enormous – at least theoretically. However, the use of this technology is not quite so trivial in practice. Despite the intelligence the bots are equipped with, there are still a few gaps left, gaps which have to be filled by people with technological skills and business know-how – at least, this has been the case up until now. In the future, Generative AI will be able to carry out this role. Not only will this impact the performance of the bots themselves, as artificial intelligence improves their ability to interpret context, but AI also facilitates the implementation of RPA, by allowing users to interact with these technologies using natural language.

In our MHPDeepDive “Process Automation: Increased Automation Power Thanks to AI!”, we will explain how AI helps you to drive intelligent process automation forward. We will introduce you to individual RPA and AI tools and use specific use cases to illustrate how they can be combined in a meaningful way. We will be supported by our partner Automation Anywhere.


  • Julian Locher
    Senior Consultant | Data & Technology | MHP
  • Benedikt Blaser
    Partner Enablement Manager | Automation Anywhere

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