Digital Transformation as a Chance for Manufacturing Champions

Among our customers, we have numerous global market leaders and hidden champions from the following focus sectors:

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • High-tech/Electronics/Medical technology
  • Aerospace

In these industry segments, the established market players are battling against disruptive newcomers, which can be determined as an important indicator of the displacement of the stock exchange heavyweights. The digital transformation from product provider to service provider is therefore a key issue and represents a major challenge for all of the companies in these sectors.

In addition to mastering the technologies of Industry 4.0, business analytics, artificial intelligence and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), the fundamental challenge is in the transformation – the changing of existing structures. This is significantly more difficult than it is for newcomers, who start as "greenfield" businesses. We are starting here with the most frequently asked questions that we are working through in partnership with our customers:

  • How do I increase the basic speed and flexibility of my company as a prerequisite for a truly successful digital transformation that is sustainable?
  • How can I create more customer focus and retention along the entire customer journey?
  • How can I link the improvement in my portfolio business with growth opportunities using new digital business models and products?
  • How can I successfully design the transformation from a product provider to a service provider?
  • How can I use technology to set myself apart from competitors in terms of strategy and operation in the areas where it really matters?
  • How can I change my organization, and what do I have to do to remain attractive to new talent?

Our Vision – your Transformation from Technology Leader to Service Champion

For over 20 years, we have been co-designing the digital side of the Porsche DNA. Even back then, it was clear to us that, with a premium product, which many customers view as an investment, it must be possible to produce it both individually and on an industrial scale, and we have get to know each and every customer better than our competition.

We strive for excellence in everything that we do. Supporting our customers as they strive for success has always been the fundamental vision of MHP, ever since we were founded. In our work with customers, we adapt this basic idea to the relevant sector, the relevant company, the relevant question and the relevant solution.

In the manufacturing ecosystem, this means, among other things:

  • Having aspects such as customer benefits, manufacturing costs, delivery capability, and ecological footprint in mind at every point in product development or configuration
    (Keywords: Closed Loop Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Smart Factory)
  • Using digital opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs internally
    (Keywords: Operational Excellence, Lean 4.0)
  • Creating a working environment that achieves high performance on a sustainable basis while taking into consideration the latest progress with regard to people and technology in the organization
    (Keywords: High Performance Organisation, Smart Work, Agile, DevOps)
  • Increasing the customer experience along the entire customer journey – using all established and future-oriented interaction opportunities – while using the digital data throughout the entire product life-cycle
    (Keywords: Digital Customer Journey, Neue digitale Geschäftsmodelle, Smart Maintenance, Intelligent Machines, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence)


  • Top consulting projects

    Factory Builder

    Integrated management expertise, from the initial planning and construction, right through to ongoing operation, in order to develop more efficient factories up to 30% more quickly.

    Digital Business Booster

    Make digital products more successful in 12 months or less by influencing the business model, the product design and the market launch.

    Field Connector

    Development of new opportunities to improve efficiency and growth by using data "from outside", i.e. from markets, customers and products.

    Fit For Future Organization

    Balance between attractiveness and productivity in a new work model thanks to (organizational) design, training and coaching.

    Real-Time & AI Based Management Systems

    Create more time for innovations, customers and employees instead of management.

  • Current project examples

    Going Global

    A leading company from the production industry is undergoing a transformation from one singular center for spare parts to three hubs.

    As part of a three-year project, MHP is providing support in setting up and integrating the required IT infrastructure.


    Boosting Digital Business

    The still-young unit for digital business for a component manufacturer worth €3 billion is pursuing aggressive growth targets.

    Together with MHP, a strategy review is carried out and a joint go-to-market approach is pursued for accelerated growth.

    Connecting the Field

    A manufacturer of products that are complex to configure would like to find out feasibility, costs and delivery time for customer-specific solutions at the touch of a button on the sales side.

    In less than nine months, MHP works with the customer to develop the solution and is implements this worldwide.

  • What is the basis for your success? Symbiosis.

    The basis for your success is our symbiotic consulting approach, which combines management, digital and IT consulting with a distinct culture of excellence. At MHP, we therefore offer the tried-and-tested combination of management and specialist expertise combined with technology, digitalization and IT competence in order to optimize our customers' business processes throughout the entire value chain and to develop new, innovative digital business models. End-to-end consulting and solutions from a single source.

    Our unlimited ability to identify with your corporate goals is therefore the basic driving force and the measure of success for our philosophy: Excellence.

  • Service portfolio – ecosystem manufacturing

Success Story KUKA

How Industry 4.0 pioneer KUKA has enhanced the efficiency of its complete project controlling operations.

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